Brown Coats

Key Partners

  1. Who are your key partners?

- how I hate that dirty, oppressive Alliance
- Pirates.
- Griefers
- Slavers
- Narco terrorists
- Niska
- Reavers
- People who take the last slice
- Forum whiners
- People who talk at the theater!
- Sojourn1...who?
- Honkers

Friends / Allies

There will be none until there is a game.


Some Q’s and A’s from one prospective member:

1) How many players roughly do you expect/hope to have in the squadron when we go live?

A. at present we have 112 people who have asked to join outright. I have no expectations on how many Brown Coats there will be at launch,

2) Is the bulk of the squad activity going to be centered around a specific timezone?

A. Nope no time zone requirement. and we aren’t a rigid Fleet, no hierarchy no bosses or leaders per se.

3) Are you allied/planning to ally with the already formed squads (Tabula Stellarum, Imperium fleet, Systems United Navy, Blue Horizon Trading Corporation, Ragnarok Republic, Angry Angels and so on) for contracts/rights of passage/nonaggression pacts or such?

A. We currently have 5 or 6 different fleets looking at alliances with us. so yep

4) Are you planning on making a website/forum for the squadron in the (near) future?

A. One member has designed a website I will be checking out and another has designed a forum, Im an organizer not a Coder so those types of resources will come from those Fleet members who like to do such things and have the skill.

5) How aggressively are you going to aid other squad members if they are in trouble? Is it more like ”One for All – All for One” or ”Every man for himself”?

A. Response to distress calls will be up to each member, as we will all be pursuing other interests and our availability will be variable. It is expected that if you are not actively involved in something that needs your attention (ie in a dogfight) and you are able, you should try to help those in need of assistance….we are independent business people but we need to watch each others backs.

6) How combat/trade/exploration oriented do you think you will be?

A. Thats up to each member, we seem to have a rather large number of Constellation owners in our fleet at the moment so Im thinking there will be a lot of merchants and explorers and bounty hunters. But in the end each of us is free to pursue economic success in our own way as long as it doesnt include piracy, griefing, or trade in slaves or narcotics. If you are contracted to transport a “Sealed” container it is up to the individual captains to use their best judgment not to violate our code of honor.

7) What kind of lead structure are you going to have?

A. I dont forsee a “Lead/Follow” structure, we are independent business people working together to further common ends. I hope there will be tools to allow for the collection of “Dues” (typically somewhere between 5% and 10% which will be determined by fleet vote) to pay for maintaining and upgrading our bases. To start the brown coats out I purchased an Idriss Corvette that I hope we can outfit as a mobile base where fleet members can get free refueling and repairs (we still need to know more about the game and how things work before any promises are made)

I envision a lot of things will require Fleet votes and we may have to establish a CEO and Treasurer to manage fleet funds, especially if as I would like we can implement free refuelling and repair for fleet members….again a LOT depends on what mechanics are available to use to do these sorts of things.

Key Activities

  1. What are your key activities?
Guns for hire

Bounty Hunters
Turret Gunners




To the edge of the known and beyond.

Canvanizer Closed

The canvanizer has served us well but is too chaotic -- all the information has been recorded and preserved.

The full roster is viewable here:

New and existing members who wish to register their intent to join, ships owned, time zone, etc. should go join the forums linked from or PM Ray-Engle or Trask on the RSI forums.

Mutual Interest

fresh bao (didn't you ever see the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds"?!)
Ice Planets!

Value Proposition

  1. What are your value propositions?
About us

Who are the Brown Coats? Why we are just Big Damn Heroes. Or not…Sometimes we might not be carrying the most legal of cargo, but we actively seek to ensure we are not hurting plain simple folks. We won’t traffic in human slavery, nor harmful drugs. (..) Brown Coats will also be explorers, traders, couriers and white hats riding to the rescue of those in need or suffering depredations of pirates.

Pre-Launch Gaming

Free Space Open Thursday Dogfights start Dec 13th.

Customer Relationships

  1. Your customer relationships?
Smuggl.. err "Trading"

Hauling Cargo
Trade Goods
Things best not inspected too closely


A free coalition of private captains

Fleet membership perks

These are speculation at best until we know more about what is actually possible.

- Free Refueling at fleet bases
- Free Repair services at fleet bases
- Hull, Upgrade and cargo insurance at reduced prices
- Secure Bases to garage and kick back

(all this to be funded from Fleet Dues ideally 5 to 10% of all profits to be determined by fleet vote)

Motto / Credo

- Suggestion 1 (Extreme): “Someone ever t
- Suggestion 5 (Nevar): “First rule of battle little one,
don’t ever let them know where you are.”
- Suggestion 6 (Arc Collins) “We aim to misbehave”.
-Suggestion 7 ( Muppet ) " Shiney "

Customer Segments

  1. Customer Segments
Key Resources

  1. What are your key resources?

  1. Channels

"The free association of Browncoats" - Flashpoint

Cost Structure

  1. What about your cost structure?
Revenue Streams

  1. What are your revenue streams?
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