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Key Partners ?    Insert

  1. Who are your key partners?
    2. Who are your key suppliers?
Dive stores Edit  [x]
Dive centres Edit  [x]
Social Media Suppliers Edit  [x]
Dive tour organisers Edit  [x]
Mask production supp Edit  [x]
R&D partners Edit  [x]
Key Activities ?    Insert

  1. What are your key activities?
Marketing Edit  [x]
Sales Edit  [x]
Training Edit  [x]
R&D Edit  [x]
Value Proposition ?    Insert

  1. What are your value propositions?
Quick access to info/details Edit  [x]

Surroundings: Coral, fish etc.

Capture Diving experience Edit  [x]

1st perspective video/photo-log. What you see

Share it, capture it; Social Media Mode

Easy to operate Edit  [x]

One button/no button
Automatic when under water.

Customise experienced data out of water.

Customer Relationships ?    Insert

  1. Your customer relationships?
e-Training Guide Edit  [x]
Future Products Edit  [x]

Tech developmentt

Dive Discovery Sharing Online Edit  [x]

Social Media, <BR>Website

Software Updates Edit  [x]
Customer Segments ?    Insert

  1. Customer Segments
BIG Dive Tour Organisers Edit  [x]

Great Barrier Reef

Secondary segment Edit  [x]

Ind. rec divers

Key Resources ?    Insert

  1. What are your key resources?
Tech Edit  [x]

Mask setup, user interface

Social Media Integration Edit  [x]
Industry Partnerships Edit  [x]
Channels ?    Insert

  1. Channels
Online Store Edit  [x]
Dive Conferences Edit  [x]
Cost Structure ?    Insert

  1. What about your cost structure?
R&D Edit  [x]

Development costs

Management Team Edit  [x]
Shipping Edit  [x]
IT/Web Edit  [x]
Marketing Edit  [x]
Revenue Streams ?    Insert

  1. What are your revenue streams?
Mask sales Edit  [x]

software free updates

Brainstorming Space ?    Insert Brainstorm Mode

  1. What are your temporary Brainstorming notes?

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