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Key Partners ?    Insert

  1. Who are your key partners?
    2. Who are your key suppliers?
LLAB Edit  [x]

project management
Swarm intelligence algorithms
inter and intra swarm intelligence

AAU Edit  [x]

Test and analysis via simulation
dissemination and exploitation

NOX Edit  [x]

Business model

IFAT Edit  [x]

Use cases
requirement analysis
system concept

Key Activities ?    Insert

  1. What are your key activities?
5G support Edit  [x]

For a higher Degree of interconnection, cognitive automation, shifting information to cloud base applications

Test Algorithm Edit  [x]

Finding swarm intelligence algorithms suitable for using as local algorithms in industrial plans.

Value Proposition ?    Insert

  1. What are your value propositions?
Innovation Edit  [x]

Use swarm algorithms with reactive local rules on individual agents which are able to compensate dynamic changes in their local vicinity.

Simulation Environment Edit  [x]

Simulation models the problem accurately enough so that solution that are elaborated based on information from such a simulation also work in the real world, bridging the reality gap.

Swarm algorithm Library Edit  [x]

Extensible library allows us to reuse algorithms.

Customer Relationships ?    Insert

  1. Your customer relationships?
Conferences Edit  [x]

2020 Winter Simulation Conference

Workshop Edit  [x]

Lakeside Research Days (2019, 2021)

Papers Edit  [x]


Magazines Edit  [x]

Kleine Zeitung
Mini Max

Public events Edit  [x]

Open LabLange Nacht der Forschung (2020)

Customer Segments ?    Insert

  1. Customer Segments
Industry Edit  [x]

Companies using swarm algorithms

IoT research Community Edit  [x]

Researchers active in the field of CPS (swarms)

Simulation and Modeling Group Edit  [x]

Professionals and researchers active in the domain of modeling and simulation of industrial systems

Swarm Research Community Edit  [x]

Researchers active in the domain swarm algorithms

General public /students Edit  [x]

Students and hobbyists starting to address the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) domain

Industrial Research Communities Edit  [x]

Community of researchers in the industrial informatics and electronics domain as well as in other domains related to the CPSwarm use cases.

Key Resources ?    Insert

  1. What are your key resources?
5G Edit  [x]
Swarm Intelligence Algorithm Edit  [x]
Channels ?    Insert

  1. Channels
Twitter Edit  [x]
Face to face Edit  [x]

Public Events

Cost Structure ?    Insert

  1. What about your cost structure?
Employee Edit  [x]
Revenue Streams ?    Insert

  1. What are your revenue streams?

Brainstorming Space ?    Insert Brainstorm Mode

  1. What are your temporary Brainstorming notes?

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