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Key Partners

  • Key Partnerships

Key Partnerships

Our key partnerships could be with the Drake stadium so that we would have a stadium to use. Our key suppliers could be from nike/adidas/puma/etc. to get the gear/equipment that we'll need.

Key Activities

  • Kay activities

Kay activities

We would need to have practice regularly to get better and do well. We would need to get our name out there so do quite a bit of advertising.

Value Proposition

  • Value Propositions

Value Propositions

We deliver value because we are the only pro MLS team from Iowa. We are solving the problem when sell the attire/accessories is so that they would have more Iowa things and that our attire/accessories should be low enough to be bought but high enough that we would get good profit.

Customer Relationships

  • Customer relationships

Customer relationships

I think that they would hope that we would do well & sell our products at a good price. We have established none. They shouldn't be too costly. They are part of our profits which we will need.

Customer Segments

  • Customer Segments

Customer Segments

We are creating value to MLS fans & Iowans. Our most important customers are Iowans.

Key Resources

  • Key Resources

Key Resources

Our key resources would be gear & a field.We would do ads. To get profits we would sell accessories.


  • Channels


We could reach them by TV commercial/radio commercial & by a news letter. We aren't reaching them now. By doing all of them. I think that the TV ad would work best. The one that is probably const efficient is the news letter. Doing one then the other then the next. See which works best and focus mainly on that.

Cost Structure

  • Cost


The most important cost would be to get a stadium to play on, get players, & gear/equipment. The stadium I think the stadium we'll either use from Drake or have a whole new one made. Practice.

Revenue Streams

  • Revenue Streams

Revenue Streams

They will hopefully be willing to pay for something of high value. They aren't currently paying. I'd prefer cash/check. Profits.

Brainstorming Space

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I will need a lot of money to pay for the stadium.