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  • Passport G2G Portal
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Passport G2G Portal

Enabling secure, authorized sharing of information between two or more parties across borders for migrating people

Existing Alternatives

Previously, we needed to speak to numerous government bodies, lawyers. This may have taken days, weeks, or even months. This might have involved car journeys, plane flights, parking tickets, and/or certified couriers.


  • Solution


Portal with information of people shared in a safe, legalized, and confidential way between government agencies of different countries to automate the procedures of people who legally migrate between them.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages

We believe that in this time of globalization, complexity, international travel and expatriotism, local governments and NGO’s must work/come/join together for the benefit of all. Bureaucracy! It's an incredibly stubborn problem which has not improved much since the stone-age. It's enormously time consuming. It's a waste of life. It's totally unnecessary. Whether it's getting certified copies of your bank details, a recent utility bill, or a legalised original of your citizenship documentation, it all takes enormous time commitments. We’re here to change that… we’re here to give you your TIME back!

To prevent this situation we need to make a web application which everybody can afford. And it can be used by any gadget you have.

Unfair Advantage

  • Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage

We have extensive experience in the high-tech industry, have first-hand experience with Israeli, South African, and British Bureaucracy, and loves using technology to make our lives easier, and more stress-free!

Customer Segments

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  • High-Level Concept

Target Market

Expats and olim, people of any age legally migrating from one country to another or making alia.

Early Adopters

Young adults of high sociocultural level and accustomed to technology

High-Level Concept

Now, with PassPort, he requests his information from the appropriate organizations and can grant permission for other organizations to view and verify the information. Nobody apart from him, the transmitting agency, and the JA [who he has granted explicit access to] can access the information - including PassPort employees! He can both request and transmit the information, from his mobile phone, whilst sitting at a coffee-shop!

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Cost Structure

Design costs, Software programming, Marketing, Licenses, Materials, Technical Support.

Revenue Stream

Subscriptions, Audiobooks and bestsellers for extra pay, book rental, adds.

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