HFB Benchmark, Inc.

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Key Partners

  • Management & Oversight
  • Collateral Fund Provider
  • Major Bank Suppliers
  • Local Real Estate Agent
  • Certified Renovations
  • Big 4 Accounting Firm
  • Legal and Professional
  • I-Account Platform

Management & Oversight

Mason Management International, Inc. - Full Oversight, Acquisition, Development and Distribution, Since 2008

Collateral Fund Provider

Project Finance Logistics - Leveraged Project Financing, Isle of Jersey, Registered JSFC, Member CPAA

Major Bank Suppliers

High Street Bank Suppliers - Offer Debilitated and Distressed Assets at 35-70% Discount, Fully Regulated

Local Real Estate Agent

Local Catalan Negotiation Agent - Local Connections, Best Price Property Acquisitions, +30 Years of Experience

Certified Renovations

Certified Renovation Companies - Fully Accredited, Renovation and Development Companies, +30 Years Working History

Big 4 Accounting Firm

PricewaterhouseCoopers - Big 4 Auditor, Annual Reports, #1 Professional Services Firm in the World

Legal and Professional

Legal and Professional Groups - Lawyer, Surveyor, Architect, Interior Design and Finishing, All Fully Licensed

I-Account Platform

I-Account International Payment Platform - Secure E-commerce and Online Payment System, Mobile Pay, 21 Currencies

Key Activities

  • Acquire, Renovate, Rent!
  • Property Acquisition
  • Property Renovation
  • Rental Office Formation
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Web & App Development
  • Property Management

Acquire, Renovate, Rent!

Easy as 1,2,3! - Acquire Debilitated Assets, Renovate into Modern Apartments and Rent to University Students

Property Acquisition

Acquisition of Debilitated Property through Major Banks at Discount of 35-70% below Market Value

Property Renovation

Full Oversight of Renovation and Finishing Process - Refurbish Debilitated Assets into Modern Apartments

Rental Office Formation

Office Set-Up, Pinpoint Location, Procure and Arrange Lease-Terms, Administration & Organisation, Hire Staff

Advertising & Marketing

Brand Building, Advertising, and Social Media Marketing for HappyFlatsBarcelona.com, Facebook and Google+

Web & App Development

Website Integration of Room Details, Payment Options, Development of HappyApp Peer Grouping App

Property Management

Full Management, Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning Service, Apartment Security Checks, General Oversight

Value Proposition

  • Quality Student Housing
  • Affordable Alternatives
  • Roommate Peer Grouping
  • Web & Brand Building

Quality Student Housing

High Standard, Modern Apartments, Top Notch Furnishings, Laundry & Bike Storage, Utilities Included

Affordable Alternatives

Segregated Apartments Allow Students to Choose from Many Convenient Locations near Various Universities

Roommate Peer Grouping

Match Making Service Available for Individual Students for Best Possible Student Living Experience

Web & Brand Building

Building Our Brand - HappyFlatsBarcelona.com, Creating a Highly Valuable Online Presence for Student Housing

Customer Relationships

  • Automated Sales Process
  • Personal Sales Relationship

Automated Sales Process

Online, Fully Integrated Website, Room Availability, Rental Conditions, Selection and Payment over the Web

Personal Sales Relationship

Local Rental Office, Personal, Helpful, Multi-Lingual Staff, Student Orientation with All Relevant Living Information

Customer Segments

  • International University Students
  • Local University Students
  • Erasmus Exchange Students
  • Graduate Level Students

International University Students

International Students, Mainly English Speaking, U.K., U.S.A., Australia, W. Europe, Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia

Local University Students

Local Residents of Spain who are Registered University Students, Pre-pay or High Income Co-signer

Erasmus Exchange Students

International Exchange Students Enrolled in the Barcelona Erasmus Student Network

Graduate Level Students

Students Enrolled in Graduate University Programs or Adult Student University Programs

Key Resources

  • Discounted Physical Assets
  • Leveraged Project Financing
  • Local Price Negotiator
  • Certified Renovations
  • Full Business Oversight
  • Turn-Key Process
  • Local Rental Office
  • HappyFlatsBarcelona.com
  • I-Account Money Platform

Discounted Physical Assets

Revolving Portfolio of Required Business Assets, 35-70% Discount through High Street Banks

Leveraged Project Financing

Collateral Fund Provider, Fully Regulated, High Leverage Capability, Up to 50:1 Collateral Finance Leverage

Local Price Negotiator

Local Catalan Agent, +30 Years of Experience & Connections, Negotiate Better Price than Foreign Developers

Certified Renovations

Fully Accredited, Highly Reputable, Renovation and Development Companies, +30 Years Working History

Full Business Oversight

All Under One Umbrella - Full Management and Oversight of Business from Inception to Revenue

Turn-Key Process

Turn-Key Process, Outsourcing for Low Overhead and Unlimited Expansion Capability, SPV Smart Structure

Local Rental Office

Rental Office, Conveniently Located in Barcelona, Near Main Train and Metro Station, Easy Access To/From Airport


Our Online Presence Starts with our Website Brand - HappyFlatsBarcelona.com, Entry Point to Payment

I-Account Money Platform

International Online Payment Platform, Pay Rent from Any PC/Tablet, Multi-language, 21 Currencies


  • HappyFlatsBarcelona.com
  • Local BCN Rental Office
  • Social Media Websites
  • International Websites
  • Local Industry Websites


Building an International Brand, HappyFlatsBarcelona.com, and Creating an Online Presence through Facebook, Google+ & SEO

Local BCN Rental Office

Building Sales through Direct Marketing and Personal Business Relationships from our Local Rental Office

Social Media Websites

Social Marketing Starting with Facebook and Google+, Additional Entry Points to Enhance HFB Brand

International Websites

Apartment Rental Websites Local to Target Markets for International Students

Local Industry Websites

Apartment Rental Websites Local to Barcelona for Local Students

Cost Structure

  • Acquisition & Renovation
  • Local Rental Company
  • Advertising & Marketing

Acquisition & Renovation

Property Costs (65%), Rehabilitation Costs (20%), Professional Services (8%), Renovation Contingency (5%), Stamp Duty (2%)

Local Rental Company

Rental Company Set-Up and Operating Costs (10%), Business Management and Marketing Costs (10%)

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing Costs Factored into the Rental Company Costs, Expands with Revenue Growth

Revenue Streams

  • Silver Standard Rooms
  • Gold Standard Rooms
  • Platinum Standard Rooms
  • Lease Terms & Conditions
  • Property Distribution
  • Future Revenue Stream

Silver Standard Rooms

Silver Standard Rooms - €450 per Month, Bike Storage, Laundry Facility, WiFi, Gas, Water & Electric Included

Gold Standard Rooms

Gold Standard Rooms - €550 per Month, Bike Storage, Laundry Facility, WiFi, Amenities Included, Prime Location

Platinum Standard Rooms

Platinum Luxury Rooms - €650 per Month, Bike, Laundry Facility, WiFi, Amenities, Prime Location, Upscale Furnished

Lease Terms & Conditions

Lease Terms - 9/12 Month Standard Lease, 10% Discount for Pre-pay, 6 Month Special Circumstance

Property Distribution

Sale of Property or Liquidation of Assets Provides Direct Capital to Investors through Parent Company Dividend

Future Revenue Stream

Tourist Apartment Rentals in Barcelona's Huge Summer Tourism Season Provides Perfect Complement to Student Low Season

Brainstorming Space

  • 3-Keys for Any Investor
  • Capital Growth + Cash Flow
  • Non-Correlated Alternative
  • Asymmetrical Risk vs. Reward
  • High Cumulative Returns

3-Keys for Any Investor

A Simple Business Strategy, Clear Revenue Stream and Defined Multiple Exit Strategy for Investors

Capital Growth + Cash Flow

Rare Opportunity for Capital Growth from Property + Income from Rentals for Improved Liquidity

Non-Correlated Alternative

Student Housing Not Correlated to Market, Top Asset Class Producer Regardless of Market Conditions

Asymmetrical Risk vs. Reward

Minimum Investment for Maximum Return - Low Entry Provides Limited Downside with Unlimited Growth Potential

High Cumulative Returns

Leveraged Collateral Project Expansion Financing Provides Potential Cumulative Returns of 50:1 or Higher!