This is Service Design Thinking By Marc Stickdorn & Jakob Schneider.


The puzzling yet inventive title, This Is Service Design Thinking, is of a book by Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider in which the focus lies on the importance of a productive and effective service strategy in order to delight the customers to the maximum possible level.

The authors suggest that in a competitive world like today what differentiates businesses from each other is the experience each business provides its customer with. Such experiences are created and offered by service sector companies.

Example of Service Design Thinking

Imagine if there are two coffee shops on the same street right next to each other that could be providing the same coffee at the exact same price. And, given that, people would prefer going to Coffee Shop A than Coffee Shop B; what could be the reason? What might attract customers to, let’s suppose, Coffee Shop A and not Coffee Shop B? The differentiation factor would be the services which the Coffee Shop A might be providing. This is the impact which simple services can make to your business.

People might keep visiting Coffee Shop A and not Coffee Shop B, due to the difference in the services. Such services could include nice music being played, customers being greeted with a smile, the acceptance of credit cards for the ease of customers, or the presence of news papers and books on every table. This is a small example of what the book, This is Service Design Thinking, has set out to explain.

About The Book

This Is Service Design Thinking is an intellectual book with a great layout to attract an audience of all ages. The book has been devised in a way that no matter what the caliber of the individual or company might be, it is not too difficult for anyone to grasp the concepts which the authors have set out to explain. The book is mainly about how to design services to delight customers and how to give them an enchanting experience. The main theme of the book is to allow companies to critique their existing operating style and plan out a step by step procedure to devise an effective service building strategy.

Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider are the authors of the book which has been co created by twenty-three international renowned authors, all with diverse personalities and portfolios. A twenty seven page preview of the book is available on the internet for free and gives a gist of what the book has to offer. The preview is available on the following link:

The website is highly user-friendly and allows visitors to perform all the necessary functions by a single click. Whether it’s about watching a small video regarding the book or ordering a personal copy of the book, it is all available on the official website by a single click. If you wish to visit the website to either watch the video or to order your own personal copy of the book, you can do it by the following URL address:

Brief Preview

An effective service design, as suggested by the authors of the book, is achievable by mixing up and putting together all the different disciplines of an environment and culture such as ethnography, psychology, management tactics, and architecture.  All such disciplines have to work together in collaboration to innovate a successful service design. This particular act is known as service design thinking and is the main outline of the book.

Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider have stated the five principles of service design thinking. They focus upon the importance of the design to revolve around the customer so that the service is “User Centered”. The concepts of “Co Creation, Sequencing, and Evidencing” are then discussed and how services should be devised in that respective fashion. The last principle, “Holistic”, then comes into play and unites the whole service environment into and effective and efficient one.

The book provides readers with various tools to help them devise an effective service strategy. The authors do not expect the readers to simply grasps concepts and put them to practice. Rather, they have put together the knowledge of a great number of people to bring out tools to the help the many who are in need for an innovative service strategy.

From the vast number of tools the book provides, the two most fascinating used to evaluate the current position of the business and to calculate changes which the new services implementation would have are:

  1. Service Blueprint
  2. Customer Journey Canvas



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