If you have not been canvanizing recently, this is a good time to start again;) We are proud to announce the biggest release ever, as a Christmas present to our supporters: Over the last two months we have reworked major parts of canvanizer (500 commits, 270 vastly changed code files) to bring you the snappiest […]

We have added a new canvas template to the 2.0: The lernOS Canvas: A quite detailed explanation of the reasoning behind the “lernOS, the Operating System for Livelong Learning & Learning Organizations” can be found in the blog post by its creator Simon Dueckert on the cogneon site: https://cogneon.de/2018/05/24/wol-a-tool-for-wol-circle-alumni-and-knowledge-workers/ Interesting way of collaboration: The lernOS canvas […]

We have improved the permission system in the 2.0 in regards of the access to each canvas through the share links. Remember, each canvas has two share links, one link that allows editing and another that allows read-only access only. If you are currently not using the share links any more you can now simply […]

It is not really a surprise: We love paper canvases. We use them all the time in our workshops. That’s what inspired us to create Canvanizer quite some time ago, out of the pure need to have a tool to allow online collaborative facilitation over a longer period of time. In our workshops it has […]

  As you might know, we focussed a lot on fine-tuning the actual canvas editing view. We removed unnecessary clicks here and there, streamlined the dialog windows and in general added a lot of flexibility such as zooming and filtering, helping you adjust the view perfectly on the amount of data in your canvas. We […]

As you may know we are continuously releasing small changes and hopefully improvements to Canvanizer 2.0. In this post we’d like to share an example of this. You always have three ways of inserting notes into a canvas: 1.Directly in the canvas: Double-click anywhere in a segment to insert an empty note. This is good for […]

We have added a new feature to our tutorial section to help you understand a canvas template faster. To show all the questions in each segments you now have two options: Use the new keyboard shortcut: “d q” (for “display questions”). Press “d q” again to hide. Or select “Canvas Questions” in the ? Section […]

We found a new manufacturer of our endless supply of sticky notes. This image shows the old style: Here are the new ones: They should feel slightly more natural in use and of course are also ecologically friendly and save paper. Hope you enjoy them :)

We are making working with many canvases even easier: Welcome keyboard navigation between canvases! 1. Press / to search 2. Enter the search term 3. Use cursor keys to select any canvas 4. Press Enter to open it Your latest canvases will appear first, so switching back and forth has never been easier. So why […]

New update in the 2.0: We brought the painters in…a nice procedurally generated background so the app views are subtly different from the canvas view. https://next.canvanizer.com/workspace/default