All new canvases will now by default be accessible by team members only, no share links will be created automatically. You can of course turn the links on if you wish, or toggle them so the old ones become invalid and you can send out different new ones. Default is now private canvases with sharing […]

From today Standard users can now choose different fonts for each canvas. Use Permanent Marker for short big notes, the typewriter font for a prototype look and feel or simply switch to Condensed for a higher information density! And last but not least: two different styles of handwriting of course! Enjoy!

A huge and much needed improvement to the Canvanizer 2.0 core engine. All of your canvases are now loading much faster. Switching between multiple canvases is finally enjoyable. We are continually updating all areas of Canvanizer and this one is as great an update as the last one (adding your images to your canvases is […]

You can now upload your own images directly to use them on notes in canvases. E.g. use images to upload any key visual, sketch note, foto or logo to support the meaning of the note (available from the Standard plan on). We are pretty excited about opening up a lot of new possibilites while keeping […]

Would you like to modify one of our existing templates? Now our Standard plan users can change the labels of each canvas template to customize, translate or replace a segment heading with an individual label for your exact use case. Also they can now edit the color legend to make the chosen color coding more […]

We have just rolled out a major infrastructure update with completely new servers that should bring more snappiness throughout everything:)

We have finally released the reworked version of the PNG export function. This also now shows canvas thumbnails in the workspace view and in the peek views. Enjoy:)

We have added a new template for your pleasure: The Digital Marketing Canvas, please try it out. Also our tutorials for the business model canvas and the lean canvas are now available in many languages (though they might need some love, if you are a native speaker, we would love to hear from you! Lastly […]

We have just improved the basic login for 1.0 Users who did not yet upgrade: while they don’t miss out on all the cool 2.0 stuff they can still use the login to navigate their canvases more easily then by links only.

If you have not been canvanizing recently, this is a good time to start again;) We are proud to announce the biggest release ever, as a Christmas present to our supporters: Over the last two months we have reworked major parts of canvanizer (500 commits, 270 vastly changed code files) to bring you the snappiest […]