We have just released help screens inside canvanizer that show you advanced hints and hidden keyboard shortcuts within :-)

Say hi to the new “Progress Peek View”. All recently updated canvases across all your workspaces are now just one click away. Happy iterating together with your team at https://next.canvanizer.com

About to plan 2017 ?

Unsure which template you should use? Just say the word: we have just made canvas creation easier than ever :) https://next.canvanizer.com then click the + on the left sidebar or type “nc” (new canvas) as shortcut to see it in action

This one is major..we’ve released quite an update on collaboration and workspaces in the 2.0: your team now shows up and you see who’s joined in! Unicorns and Robots for the win ;-) https://next.canvanizer.com

We have just upgraded the history view amongst other finetunings in the 2.0: You can now link to individual revisions, great for discussing and comparing different states of your project: Try it here: e.g. an early version https://next.canvanizer.com/canvas/wA-82vhUOBc/revision/11 against the final state https://next.canvanizer.com/canvas/wA-82vhUOBc/revision/63 Also you can create a copy from any point in time to […]

We have just released a great new template for Product Creators: Romans’ Product Canvas by Roman Pichler on Canvanizer 2.0. https://next.canvanizer.com/canvas/wfS7HJm5OoHM5

Just released: A new canvas template in 2.0: The User Centered Design Canvas by Alina Prelicz-Zawadzka & Leszek Zawadzki of https://therectangles.com Check it out here: https://next.canvanizer.com/canvas/wJs7HpjcmiUOn

We have just upgraded the server infrastructure to make your idea spinning faster :D Check it out…also for the 2.0 https://next.canvanizer.com

A short Step by Step Tutorial through the business model canvas at canvanizer 2.0 https://next.canvanizer.com/demo/wA-82vhUOBc…