Starting 2019 with a major performance update

If you have not been canvanizing recently, this is a good time to start again;)

We are proud to announce the biggest release ever, as a Christmas present to our supporters: Over the last two months we have reworked major parts of canvanizer (500 commits, 270 vastly changed code files) to bring you the snappiest performance throughout the entire canvanizer 2.0, which makes working with multiple canvases and switching back and forth finally an enjoyable experience.

Check out the major performance update when you log in:

We now feature seven new languages (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Turkish and Polish for the Basic Kanban Canvas, the Feedback Canvas, the Lean Change Canvas, the Pitch Planner Canvas, the Project Canvas and the SWOT Canvas. If we can improve the translation or you are missing one, please get in touch with us!

Last but not least, there are also two new templates added: The Social Lean Canvas and the lernOS canvas for those of you who are Working Out Loud!

In case you did not switch off unneeded share links of old canvases since my last update, you can do this easily in the canvas settings: Please login into the 2.0 at and then simply toggle your canvas share links off – meaning only invited team members in the workspace can access the canvases.

This way you can also revoke access of previously shared canvases, as toggling will generate a new share link.

If you have a suggestion for Canvanizer: Please feel free to drop us a note anytime:)

Improved login for Canvanizer 1.0 Users
Our Christmas Release: Major Performance Update
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