We have added a new canvas template to the 2.0: The lernOS Canvas:

A quite detailed explanation of the reasoning behind the “lernOS, the Operating System for Livelong Learning & Learning Organizations” can be found in the blog post by its creator Simon Dueckert on the cogneon site: https://cogneon.de/2018/05/24/wol-a-tool-for-wol-circle-alumni-and-knowledge-workers/

Interesting way of collaboration: The lernOS canvas itself and its download formats (png, pdf and translations) are under active development in a github account here: https://github.com/simondueckert/lernos so you can monitor if the template changes or suggest improvements with a pull request. True Open Source :)

The lernOS Canvas is available in Canvanizer 2.0, you can also checkout the demo here and select it from the template list after clicking + in the left sidebar.

Stefan Peter Roos

Stefan founded canvanizer in 2011. He specializes in Business Development Consulting and Startup Growthhacking. He also started Proud Music and Proud Sourcing
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