Healthy Restaurant

Key Partners

  1. Who are your key partners?
    2. Who are your key suppliers?

Food suppliers, wine supplier and interior designers

Key Activities

  1. What are your key activities?

- Good customer service
- Fast and efficient service
- Excellent food quality
- Qualified employees

Value Proposition

  1. What are your value propositions?

Healthy Homemade restaurant and wine house where you can see how they prepare your meal.
Costumers will be able to choose the combination of healthy products they like the best and if they need, there will be employees that will guide costumers to a health lunch according to their needs and wants.

Customer Relationships

  1. Your customer relationships?

Regular customers will have the the option of registering their likes, dislikes, health necessities and other requirements in a chart so that employees are aware

Customer Segments

  1. Customer Segments

People with a medium and high economic level who want to eat healthy and like to have a good glass of wine

Key Resources

  1. What are your key resources?

Food providers


  1. Channels

The restaurant will offer the service and there will be a webpage in which costumers will be able to choose their meals and have the option to pick it up.

Cost Structure

  1. What about your cost structure?

Fixed costs: local lease, employees salaries, basic services.

Revenue Streams

  1. What are your revenue streams?

Will gain money through food and wine

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