ODL (draft, brainstormed, does definetely NOT APPLY in *all* details to *all* ODLs!)

Key Partners

  1. Who are your key partners?
    2. Who are your key suppliers?
Individual contributors
Agencies, Corporations
Universities, Schools
Industry: Manufacturers

- Ubiquity of product
- Push quality/quantity of product == push Appstore

Industry: Telcos

as sponsoring partners: Dataplan/SIMs etc.

Industry: Software

as sponsoring partners

Media, Press
Key Activities

  1. What are your key activities?
Provide free testbed to use for everybody

- on-site (fixed or changing location),
- optional: by lending out devices

Knowhow Transfer

- Workshops (on ODL premises or off-site)
- Build a knowledge pool of tested issues and how a certain problem was solved

Maintaining the ODL
Organizing the ODL
Value Proposition

  1. What are your value propositions?
Raise awareness for necessity of real device testing
Move the web and mobile (app) experience forward
Enable designers and developers to test their work against a variety of devices

- enables them to extend their portfolio

Streamline elaborative processes

- save time and money and free this budget for optimization work

Connecting the industry to the community
Multiplying sponsor messaging
Customer Relationships

  1. Your customer relationships?
Local presence, accessibility, convenience
Knowhow Transfer
Benefit of *guided* testing
Customer Segments

  1. Customer Segments

- Individuals
- Companies

Customer's customers
The public (web / app users etc.)
Industry: Manufacturers
Industry: Telcos
Industry: Professional Testing Services
Key Resources

  1. What are your key resources?

- Testbed: Devices, Workstation(s)
- Network gear: (Wifi/Femtocell/Router)
- Testing tools

Technical "Housekeeping"

- Initial Setup
- Maintenance
- 1:1 Support


- Storage, Furniture, Transport/Flightcase
- Security

Legal terms & conditions

  1. Channels
Twitter, Facebook, g+
Social Media
Advertising and Promotion
ODL Website

- used to multiply sponsor messaging

Local and technology press
TODO: Create a central pool for creative commons licensed press facing material (texts, photos)
Cost Structure

  1. What about your cost structure?
ODL infrastructure

- Devices
- Network gear
- Furniture
- etc.

Recurring cost

- Housing
- Energy
- Telco
- Insurance
- Lawyer
- Bookkeeping

Network Infrastructure
Marketing cost
Revenue Streams

  1. What are your revenue streams?

- Funds
- Physical Resources
- Human Resources

Contact to local ecosystem

- match recruiting needs
- Networking
- Incoming Know How

Credibility for ODL Host
Acquisition / New projects for ODL host

- QA/QE jobs for customers

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