Test Driven Business for Lean Startup


  1. Top 3 Problems you face
Create Products as you were in Customers's shoes

Often we take our fantasy as reality to create a new product. How can we get a true reality check?

Innovate in the right direction

Lean Startup says it's good to fail. This is true if you were able, while failing, to make a step forward.

Have REAL feed-back fast

The concept of the quick learning loop in Lean Startup is great, still the way to establish it with true usable feed-back stays tricky


  1. Top 3 Solutions to your Problems
One day tutorial

Long is difficult. Lean startup says quick feed-back . Agile says frequent release ad improvement. These principles apply to this workshop

Measures : The clarification chain and AAA data

you'll practice the first 2 steps of the clarification chain that will allow you to pull measures of a desired outcome. Then you'll try to build these measures on Accessible, Auditable, Actionable data collection

Unique Value Proposition

  1. Single, clear, compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying
Hands-on workshop

30 mit to max 1 hour theory through all the day. The rest is collaborative activity to build your great product that will change the world.

Test Driven Business : Drive By Metrics

Unless you know how to evaluate your Product Experiments ( called also MVPs) your initiatives will remain on wishful thinking domain. Think of what and how you'll measure your MVP success first, will allow you to take the right decision. And if you fail, fail in the good direction

Fully Interactive

You won't get something you won't practice in the next 10 min

Mix Coaching techniques with Lean Startup Artefacts

Putting yourself in your Customer shoes is not easy. State what matters is difficult also. Coaching is helpful to get your way to take decisions in the right way.

Create a meaningful Product Cycle while following useful tools at each step
Participants are actors while building their Product Destiny
Unfair Advantage

  1. Can't be easily copied or bought
Create Unexpected links that unfold your creativity
Customer Segments

  1. Target customers

At all phases : define business, validate business, scale business

Business Development & Marketing

In bigger companies, marketing people have little means other than developing a full expensive product before releasing it to market . Sometimes product is blocked by lack of budget. Let's them find out they can make it to the market cheaper and faster

Agile Product Owners

One of the ProductOwner's challenge is tuning for a user meaningful product at the end of a short time boxed period. They will learn here how

Key Metrics

  1. Activity that drives retention/revenue
Increase Number of requests for info
Initiatives to organise a workshop
revenue increase from the workshop over 6 months
Number of New products kick-off

Let me know how your product goes oanajuncu@gmail.com


  1. Path to customers
Product Aware communities
innovate training hunters
Lean Startup community
Test Driven related communities
Cost Structure

  1. Customer acquisition costs, distribution costs, hosting...
Revenue Stream

  1. Revenue model, Life time value revenue...

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