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Bobur Ostonovn

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Participants ?    Insert

  1. What are your project members, stakeholders and third parties who play a role on the project?
the three musketeers Edit  [x]


Fase 1 Edit  [x]

Manejo de información de personal

第三方 Edit  [x]

<font xss=removed><font xss=removed>短视频平台</font></font>

yddjjdddjdj Edit  [x]


Goals ?    Insert

  1. What are primary objectives and intent of the project including success metrics?
悲伤 Edit  [x]


spredaz Edit  [x]


Edit  [x]
test Edit  [x]


Users ?    Insert

  1. What are users (target groups or segments) of the product or service?
对中国文化感兴趣的西班牙人 Edit  [x]
Activities ?    Insert

  1. What are concrete tasks and actions the team will take to reach the project goals?
Colaboradores individuales Edit  [x]

Quienes forman parte del equipo de trabajo.

动机 Edit  [x]

<font xss=removed><font xss=removed>中国文化的传播</font></font>

Análisis de desempeño Edit  [x]

Necesario para identificar puntos críticos para trabajar.

报告绩效分析 Edit  [x]

<font xss=removed><font xss=removed>从中国人角度弘扬文化以及修正西班牙人对中国文化的部分误解。</font></font>

Deliverables ?    Insert

  1. What are the outcomes and documents that will be shown to stakeholders or to customers?
User Benefits ?    Insert

  1. What are the overall value and concrete benefits users will have after the project is successfully completed?
项目成员 Edit  [x]

<font xss=removed><font xss=removed>陈,夏,张,史</font></font>

Motivación personal y objetivos más grandes. Edit  [x]

do these show up on canvas?

辅导课程 Edit  [x]

<font xss=removed><font xss=removed>1,加强自身能力/2从短视频的转播,广告赞助中获取经济利益/3传播中国文化</font></font>

Risks ?    Insert

  1. What are possible future events that have a potentially negative impact on the project?
沟通交流 Edit  [x]

<font xss=removed><font xss=removed>1.没有赞助投入。2.受众群体数量有限。</font></font>

中国文化在西班牙人眼中的印象 Edit  [x]

<font xss=removed><font xss=removed>西班牙人将对中国文化有一个新的认识,全面的认识。</font></font>

Milestones ?    Insert

  1. What are the key dates and events that frame the overall timeline of the project?
Constraints ?    Insert

  1. What are the limits and conditional requirements that directly affect the deliverables, activities or project as a whole?
素材挑选侧重点太多 Edit  [x]
对中国文化感兴趣的群体数量有限 Edit  [x]
Scope ?    Insert

  1. What are the breadth of the product or service to be included for consideration for this project (in cluding what is out of scope)?
致力于宣传中国文化的小组成员 Edit  [x]

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