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Bobur Ostonov

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Participants ?    Insert

  1. What are your project members, stakeholders and third parties who play a role on the project?
Prova Edit  [x]
partners Edit  [x]

-Santosh ghimire
-Rashim prajapati
-Kamal dahal
-Asha phuyal

Test Edit  [x]
Goals ?    Insert

  1. What are primary objectives and intent of the project including success metrics?
Goals: Edit  [x]

- To provides the online service for buying and payment of daily needs .

- To provide the efficient delivery of goods with special offers(like discoun t, scratch cards) .

- To increment the interaction between buyers and sellers .

- To provides the better relationship between producer and consumer.

- To provide the better quality services and goods to consumers.

- Finally, get the commissions from the sellers.

User Benefits: Edit  [x]

- Fast and efficient delivery of needs.

- Easy to pay

- Choose the items from the list of items that they required.

- No need to take tension what today i cook for my breakfast,lunch,supper,etc.

- Better quality in their needs.

- Get special discount offers in their needs.

Users ?    Insert

  1. What are users (target groups or segments) of the product or service?
users: Edit  [x]

All the consumers or customer.

Activities ?    Insert

  1. What are concrete tasks and actions the team will take to reach the project goals?
Activities: Edit  [x]

- Customer order the required goods or a daily needs.

- Money transfer form bank.

- Delivery of consumers needs.

- Bargaining between consumers and sellers.

Deliverables ?    Insert

  1. What are the outcomes and documents that will be shown to stakeholders or to customers?
Deliverables: Edit  [x]

- Vegetables
- Fruits
- Dairy items
- Cereals(lentils, beans,rice, etc)
- Accessories(soap,toothpaste,brush, etc)

User Benefits ?    Insert

  1. What are the overall value and concrete benefits users will have after the project is successfully completed?
Risks ?    Insert

  1. What are possible future events that have a potentially negative impact on the project?
Risks: Edit  [x]

- Fake consumers.

- Order of items that are not in the order list.

- Late delivery.

- Quality of consumers needs.

- Online payment.

- Destination

money Edit  [x]
money Edit  [x]
more money Edit  [x]
Milestones ?    Insert

  1. What are the key dates and events that frame the overall timeline of the project?
Entrega Edit  [x]

Melhor data

H Edit  [x]


Constraints ?    Insert

  1. What are the limits and conditional requirements that directly affect the deliverables, activities or project as a whole?
Constraints: Edit  [x]

- internet.

- Customer.

- Seller.

- vehicles.

- Location for delivery.

- Banking System.

- Database.

- Consumer needs list.

- Market.

- Shops.

- Staff.

Scope ?    Insert

  1. What are the breadth of the product or service to be included for consideration for this project (in cluding what is out of scope)?

Insert Brainstorm Mode
Idee 1 Edit  [x]

asdf ist nur ein test

idee 2 Edit  [x]
idee 3 Edit  [x]
sadfasdf 4 Edit  [x]

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