Lucy - status report


  1. Top 3 Problems you face
Inaccurate predictions from current menstruation cycle tracking apps
Daily time-consuming routine of manual data entry
Trouble identifying information relevant for current apps
Pregnancy scare due to a period being late (according to the calendar method or the app)

  1. Top 3 Solutions to your Problems
Intrauterine device
Automatic data gathering
Sensors measuring the relevant vitals
Live status report instead of predictions based on machine learning
Continuous pregnancy tests due to measuring hormones all the time
Application interface
Unique Value Proposition

  1. Single, clear, compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying
Real-time up-to-date status report lets user know exactly what is going on at any time
No time and effort needed to enter the information manually
Measuring the vitals closer to the source gives more accurate results than interpreting secondary symptoms
No danger of human selection bias
Unfair Advantage

  1. Can't be easily copied or bought
Revolutionary idea
Customer Segments

  1. Target customers
Age approx 12...50
Fertile (menstruating, not pregnant)
All around the world
Key Metrics

  1. Activity that drives retention/revenue
Nr of users

  1. Path to customers
Sex health counsellors
Cost Structure

  1. Customer acquisition costs, distribution costs, hosting...
Market research
Technology research
Customer acquisition
Product development
Product testing
Technical support
Revenue Stream

  1. Revenue model, Life time value revenue...
Product sale
Premium version of the app

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