Lucy - contraceptive


  1. Top 3 Problems you face
Forgetting to take birth control
Unwanted side effects of hormonal methods

I.e. weight gain, reduced sex drive, skin problems, lack of vaginal lubrication

Vomiting out the birth control pill

  1. Top 3 Solutions to your Problems
Automatic contraceptive release
Intrauterine device
Body-safe material
Application interface
Daily notifications about birth control status (turned off/on)
Unique Value Proposition

  1. Single, clear, compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying
Worry-free protection from unwanted pregnancy
No effect on hormonal balance
More choice and control regarding your own body
Flexible birth control, released only when the user wants it
Unfair Advantage

  1. Can't be easily copied or bought
Revolutionary idea
Customer Segments

  1. Target customers
Age approx 12...50
Fertile (menstruating, not pregnant)
Sexually active
Do not wish to get pregnant
All around the world
Key Metrics

  1. Activity that drives retention/revenue
Nr of users

  1. Path to customers
Sex health counsellors
Cost Structure

  1. Customer acquisition costs, distribution costs, hosting...
Market research
Technology research
Customer acquisition
Product development
Product testing
Technical support
Revenue Stream

  1. Revenue model, Life time value revenue...
Product sale
Premium version of the app

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