Rolling Youth

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Key Partners ?    Insert

  1. Who are your key partners?
    2. Who are your key suppliers?
Current Situation. Edit  [x]

For today, Rolling Youth does not have any direct partners. All sources we use are done by ourselves and by our contacts (mates) mainly from Europe countries and Russia, who we have due to our past life experiences, and who are ready to help us with our start up (designers, beatmakers, sound producers, musicians etc).

What we are striving to find for our project? Edit  [x]

We hardly strive to find any kind of sponsorship to make our plans come sustainably working in the nearest future. As students, we are looking forward to have any kind of help and sponsorship from the specialised organisations of our university that are directed to help young startups to make our upcoming 'promo event' 14 th December, called as 'Rolling Youth: Part1', in the best possible way to introduce ourselves in front of the students of Lappeenranta mainly (potential customers), but also in front of the potential local organisations such as clubs, bars and any other kinds of entertainment companies.

For the first step, we are looking for both photographer and operator to make photo and video reports for our portfolio that will be used in our future promotion and working offers for local organisations. These things are extremely important to be done more than just well, because the results of videos and photos will be presenting us in the future.

Also, we are already on a stage of attraction of local sponsors (non-network shops of Lappeenranta: clothes, other thematic shops) who could provide us any kind of their production to be given away on our upcoming event 'Rolling Youth: Part 1' in return for advertising from us in all our media sources.

Key Activities ?    Insert

  1. What are your key activities?
4 Main Activities of Rolling Youth: Edit  [x]

1. Organisation both of our own events and events of other organisations;
2. Public promotion;
3. Beatmaking, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Production, Video Editing.

Value Proposition ?    Insert

  1. What are your value propositions?
Organisation's Value. ? Edit  [x]

Our team members strive to make the students' lives brighter and more exciting than they are now. The idea of a creation of 'Rolling Youth' was born in the middle of 2017-2018 studying year when it was a 1st year of studies abroad for the founder of an organisation, Egor Kashentsev. He met with an issue of almost no 'crazy events' in Lappeenranta and created a 1st version of a concept of parties that would be warmly welcomed by local students and youngsters.

We want to inject our own vision of how local events would be performed well to have an impact on local events organised by unions of Lappeenranta.

Customer Relationships ?    Insert

  1. Your customer relationships?
Customer relation of Rolling Youth Edit  [x]

Rolling Youth is an organisation with a purpose oriented to bringing more colours to students' lives of Lappeenranta. Our main goal is to make our potential customers (guests) our mates who have the same visions and mindsets. Without any cheating or other issues on so-called 'pumping out money' from our customers. The main feature of Rolling Youth spirit is to provide the best quality throughout all our provided sorces for the most attractive costs and values for our customers. As the saying goes that we follow: "The best goal of customers attraction is to make them your fans".

Potential Working Scheme of Rolling Youth. Edit  [x]

In our opinion, our business idea can potentially be taken to a truly high level of operating. Our main purpose for now is to work hard on our name, 'Rolling Youth', to become closer both to our potential customers and already existing customers. With a good portfolio we will get an opportunity to send offers to local big clubs, bars and other entertainment places of Lappeenranta and other closest towns. As for now we don't have an alcohol license, our main revenue flows will be got from selling entrance tickets for our events. Clubs earn on bars, we earn on tickets.

Customer Segments ?    Insert

  1. Customer Segments
Target Customers of Rolling Youth Edit  [x]

Lappeenranta is a real student town with thousands of students who want to spend their free of studies and work time brightly, spending their 'Youth energy'. Target customers of Rolling Youth are students and youngsters of Lappeenranta. Boiling fresh blood of the town needs events to share their emotions and energy. Rolling Youth will help them do that on our events in the best possible way as we see ourselves relying on wishes of our consumers. Rolling Youth was created to direct our own enegry flows on a project and to share it with our like-minded people provideing events where we can fully enjoy our Youth and share positive emotions with each other.

Key Resources ?    Insert

  1. What are your key resources?
Resources of Rolling Youth Edit  [x]

We use our own skills of all team members based on our own personal experiences from the past + our own vision or mindset. Some sources are provided for us by our contacts from Europe, CIS and Russia.

For today, we don't have some kinds of equipment we would need to provide organisations of events (we rent them or borrow from our university) such as sound systems, lights etc. For all other kinds of our business we have needed equipment from the so-called category 'B'. Many of our sound producing, mastering and mixing projects can be found and checked in the most famous music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud etc. According to our already existing clients' words, the final results of our works are done on a truly high level. Working experience of us lets us work with famous singers, rappers, sound producers, musicians from all the continents. We know how to competently operate with equipment we are looking for.

Channels ?    Insert

  1. Channels
Social Media Edit  [x]

Our promotion strategies are rather logical in our situation at the start of the project, however at the same time we try hard to execute them using the best possible tools adding our own features of attraction. We have pages on Facebook and Instagram with our custom texts, posters and info about us and the upcoming event "Rolling Youth: Part 1". Our main media promotion model is set up in our Instagram where we have lounched the target following system. With a help of automatic online services, our Instagram automatically follows users who subscribe official accounts of Saimaa UAS and LUT. In a such way, we attract people from Lappeenranta and especially active students who further tell their mates of friends about us and our upcoming event.

Promotion in the University Areas Edit  [x]

Using our designed poster of the "Rolling Youth: Part 1" party, we already have an agreement with Saimaa UAS, LUT and Union's building of locating our posters throughout all the info banners of university areas. Another idea of us, that is also already in progress of discussion with the media organisations of LUT and Simaa UAS is to make a promo video of the event that will be regularly shown on TV's of LUT and Saimaa UAS. Our montage skills give us an opportunity to make a good quality promo video with our logo and info by ourselves that would be suitable for the official style of the university.

Cost Structure ?    Insert

  1. What about your cost structure?
Cost Structure of Rolling Youth. Edit  [x]

Our cost structure is as minimised as only possible but at the same time all our costs let us work and promote ourselves on a relatively high level. For a preparation of the 'Rolling Youth: Part 1' party we made a detailed plan of all costs that would be spent on it. As a result of it, we understood that all our costs will not exceed 1000euro. Our costs:

1. Rent of the Union's basement = 280euro;
2. Rent of additional equipment = 150euro;
3. The wages of 2 body guards = 200euro;
4. Logo (work with a designer) = 50$;
5. Poster of 'Rolling Youth: Part 1' = 15euro;
6. Printing of 20 posters in 'UNI Press' = 13euro.
Total costs = 702euro (for 26th November).

Revenue Streams ?    Insert

  1. What are your revenue streams?
Revenue Structure of Rolling Youth. Edit  [x]

Making a 'wild promo', we want to take a niche of the craziest and brightest event organisers in Lappeenranta. Our concept will make people want to visit our events in the future due to played music, sound quality, maintaining a dialogue with the crowd, live performances and other our unique features. In the nearest future, we are sure, we will have a good portfolio and background to make offers of event organisations for the biggest clubs, bars and other entertainment places of Lappeenranta, other nearest cities and towns and for Russia, as we have tough contacts to come to the Russian 'market' as well. As a first revenue flow we will earn money on selling tickets of our events making a nice revenue from bars in places we do an event. In the future, if everything will continue going well, we will make create a line of clothing merch of Rolling Youth that could be sold to other supporters and like-minded people professionally and well designed by us and our friends who already have a deep background in Russian and Finnish streetwear.

Brainstorming Space ?    Insert Brainstorm Mode

  1. What are your temporary Brainstorming notes?
Other thoughts about the 'Rolling Youth' project. Edit  [x]

Rolling Youth is a team of friends who have the same passion to have a bright 'student life' period and to make others students and youngsters' lives brighter. All of us came from Russia with big and bright expectations from our student life periods. Lappeenranta is really great but, as we think, local events and parties, that are considered to spend our free of studies time are being done on a very low level. Many students and we as well don't like local events. Boiling emotions, energy inside of us ask to be spent in a really decent way, but for now there are no such organisations who provide such opportunities for students and youngsters of Lappeenranta. We want to change this thing and show people how differently it can be done. Rolling Youth is a first ever real, directed to local people project for all of our team members but we feel we can manage with it according to our skills and knowledge.


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