Sample Transformation Canvas


  1. Top 3 drivers, and what needs to change
Delivery of projects is slow and unpredictable
Delivery of projects is slow and unpredictable
Lack of confidence from the Business that causes a false sense of panic, repetition of mistakes and inability to negotiate in a sensible manner.
Target State

  1. Strategic pillars, common enablers...etc
Stable cross-functional teams that have the ability to consume different types of work
Kanban work systems established for delivery teams and at the enterprise level
Use of metrics to measure progress, drive improvements, predict performance
Organization focused on experimentation and continuous improvement
Teams implementing agile management and technical practices
Tooling stack working and enabling efficiency

  1. Single compelling statement that describes what the "destination" looks like
A high-trust culture using collaborative methods to deliver in a predictable way

  1. 2 way path of communication
- Biweekly Executive/Manager Planning/Updates
- Quarterly All Hands/Operational Reviews
- Biweekly executive message
- Once a week announcement of process assets updates
- Monthly COP meetings
- Daily coaching
Change Recipients

  1. Who is impacted by the change
Executives and Managers
Project Managers and Delivery Teams
Business Customers and Stakeholders
Other support groups

  1. Key methods used to implement the change
Dedicated team coaching
Set up community of practices
Conduct one on one/small group education sessions with CIO, Executives, Directors, and Managers
Build supporting assets such as a lightweight process framework
Set up tooling
Define a metrics and continuous improvement framework
Set up Kanban work systems
Success Criteria

  1. Change will stick when
- Target state of adoption of Kanban and Agile practices (to be defined per team)
- Continuous improvement demonstrated by Executives, Managers and Delivery Teams (Retrospectives run once a month for each team; metrics used to measure improvements)
- Delivery in small batches at a predetermined cadence
- Self-sustaining teams without coaches
- Customer satisfaction rating is good (NPS score of 50% or higher)
Required Investments

  1. Constraints around time, cost and effort. Commitment from recipeints, leaders and the change agents
- 2 hours a day for PMs and delivery teams
- Dedicated coaches
- 1 hour a week for other support groups
- 2 hours per week for Business stakeholders
- 1 hour a week for CIO
- 4 hours per week for Executives and Managers

  1. Moral, Performance, Capability
- Significant adoption of leading edge practices
- High-trust culture
- Teams who take pride in their work/ high morale
- Elimination of old practices/unnecessary reporting
- Successful project delivery; More predictable delivery
- Engaged Business stakeholders who act as partners in delivery
- Supportive management
- Transparency
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