New & Improved Fire Alarm

Key Partners

  1. Who are your key partners?
    2. Who are your key suppliers?
Key Partners

*Other fire alarm brands, such as Mircom
*Get a group of consumer electronics

Key Activities

  1. What are your key activities?
Key Activities

*Have good quality alarms
*They listen to your voice
*Customers can pick the color
*Listen to customers complaints and change our product to make them happy
*10 year warranty

Value Proposition

  1. What are your value propositions?
Value Propositions

*Customization, only brand that has voice command
*Meets people's needs, people who set the smoke alarm off a lot when cooking
*Newness, our product offers more
*Design, wide variety of colors

Customer Relationships

  1. Your customer relationships?
Customer Relations

*Customers who set off fire alarms while cooking will like this product
*Listen to customers needs
*Warranty options
*Put the products in multiple stores
*Let the customers write reviews on our website

Customer Segments

  1. Customer Segments
Customer Segments

*Figure out our customers needs and wants
*Have a stylish product, get the customers attention
*Give out good discount offers
*Easy usage for customers

Key Resources

  1. What are your key resources?
Key Recources

*Have our own brand logo
*Have factories around the world
*Put the alarms in more than one store; Wal-Mart, Kmart, Shop Ko, Menards, Thiesen's, Amazon
*High high quality employees


  1. Channels

*Listen to costumers needs, listen to their opinions
*Be open minded with new changes
*If bought online, free shipping if they bought 2 of the fire alarms
*Have a good quality product that the costumers will buy

Cost Structure

  1. What about your cost structure?
Cost Structure

*Have music festivals every summer to sell more alarms, give out shirts for advertisement, test the alarms
*High degree of personalized service
*Have a very high quality product for a reasonable price
*Minimize prices as much as possible

Revenue Streams

  1. What are your revenue streams?
Revenue Streams

*Have a 10 year warranty
*The customer can return it and get their money back if they don't like it
*If they buy 5, the 6th one is free
*If a customer recommends us to someone, they get 20% off next alarm purchased

*Advertise on television and billboards
*Put ads online
*Videos of the smoke alarm in use

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