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Generating Ideas ?    Insert

  1. What are the potential ideas that can be represented to solve the customer?s problem?
  2. What is the closest manner to solving the customer problem among the existing solutions in the existing market?
  3. Do you think the ideas you prepared were deduced much enough?
  4. Categorize innumerably deduced ideas into three themes.
  5. What are the ideas that finally passed when they were evaluated in the aspect of customer and company?
Sports Center Edit  [x]
Cooperator for Innovation ?    Insert

  1. Who will you cooperate with for the solution completion?
  2. Is it easy to cooperate with the innovative cooperator?
  3. Don?t you rely on the irreplaceable cooperation?
  4. Aren?t you overlooking although you need cooperation?
Do & Test ?    Insert

  1. What action will you take specifically for the practice?
  2. What is the plan for approaching to the initial market?
  3. Isn?t there any problem revealing before the practice?
  4. What resource and ability will you secure?
  5. How will you contact early adaptor?
  6. How will you compose MVP?
  7. How will you conduct A/B test?
Edit  [x]
Cooperator for Market ?    Insert

  1. Who will cooperate with for the market advance?
  2. Is it easy to cooperate with market cooperator?
  3. Don?t you rely on the irreplaceable cooperation?
  4. Aren?t you overlooking although you need cooperation?
hbg Edit  [x]
Edit  [x]
Customer ?    Insert

  1. Who is my core customer?
  2. Who is my non-customer (STB, rejecting, potential)?
  3. How is the customer segment divided?
  4. How can you define persona?
Kids, youngster, middle age people, male and female both Edit  [x]
Problem ?    Insert

  1. What is my customer?s unsatisfied need?
  2. Is the customer aware of that problem?
  3. Is the customer aware of it as a fully important problem?
  4. Are competitors also aware of that problem?
  5. How has the customer solved that problem before?
Passport Pal Edit  [x]

2. Yes
3. Yes

No dedicate sports center with proper facility and coaching available Edit  [x]
Solution ?    Insert

  1. Did core solution come out as a result of idea conception?
  2. What is consequently my value proposal on the problem the customer has?
연습 Edit  [x]
Empathy ?    Insert

  1. How will you attract the empathy from the customer?
  2. How will you sell the customer?s presumed needs(problem) to him/her?
  3. How will you convince the customer that your solution can solve that problem best?
Edit  [x]

1. Create a product that children will attract children & it will include a learning tool (education).
2. Sanitary & Education
3.Demonstrate the product and use children to demonstrate

Edit  [x]

1. No.
3. Yes.

Mission ?    Insert

  1. What is the object I do business?
  2. What is my promise to the customer?
  3. Are object and mission of company and the customer correspond with each other?
Market ?    Insert

  1. Is the importance of desire one customer feels enough?
  2. Is the number of total customers big enough?
  3. Is the feature of the business attractive to enter?
Food chains Edit  [x]


Advantage ?    Insert

  1. What are competitive goods, substitute goods, and alternative goods of the solution based on the customer?s problem?
  2. Did my solution have the comparative advantage competitors cannot look down on?
Passport Pal Edit  [x]

1. Pillow Pet; generic brands of pillow and blanket combinations.

Passport Pal Edit  [x]
! Edit  [x]
Edit  [x]

1. Pillow/blanket/bag
2. To have a play pal for child that is fully needed and functional

High Concept ?    Insert

  1. Does my concept have the sensitive/cultural aspect?
  2. What short and powerful slogan will you present?
  3. Can you make them your fan without persuasion?
Passport Pal Edit  [x]
Exploring Opportunities ?    Insert

  1. What are the new opportunity factors concerning the change of business environment?
  2. How are customer needs or customer?s life style changing?
  3. What is the part to look at carefully in terms of social culture?
  4. What are the contents of the technology change that will affect in a middle and long term?
  5. What are the customer?s needs that do not change regardless of this change?
  6. Besides, does the remarkable new business exist?
Revenue ?    Insert

  1. What is the main revenue source of my business?
  2. What will account for the greatest portion among revenue source?
  3. What is the revenue source you can secure from the beginning?
  4. What is the total life time value while securing one customer?
Learn & Pivot ?    Insert

  1. What are the indexes to measure for the hypothesis confirmation during action? (After Action)
  2. What caused the difference between the action result and hypothesis?
  3. Is it enough by partial control? Do you need a big change?
Cost ?    Insert

  1. What is the main cost structure of my business?
  2. What is the fixed cost item? (independent sales)
  3. What is the variable cost item? (subordinate sales)
  4. How much it cost to secure/maintain one customer?

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