Canvanizer Changelog

Performance Part 3: 100% faster canvas loading

This one goes to 11: Our biggest performance update ever brings canvas loading time down more than 100% on average! You’ll notice especially when switching between large canvases! Happy canvanizing!

Performance Part 2: another 10% faster

Here’s the second part of our performance updates. Canvas loading is another 10% faster and that’s not even all: we have started work on a third performance update that’s currently in development! Have fun!


Performance: 30% faster initial canvas loading

Our latest release: a major performance update that brings you 30% faster initial canvas loading. You should notice that switching between canvases is now much smoother and especially big canvases with many notes show up way earlier. Let us know what you think we should tackle next :-) Enjoy!

Viewing Mode for 1.0 users

1.0 users with a login can now view their canvases in the 2.0 and use the progress view for quick navigation!

Edit your canvases on mobile

Now you can edit your canvases also on mobile :-) Please let us know how you use the mobile companion of Canvanizer 2.0!

Empathy Map released

Thanks to Dave Gray we could release his great canvas template, the Empathy Map. It’s a great tool for structuring insight into any kind of stakeholder, not only customers! Check it out!

Mobile image upload & mobile workspace navigation

Major update: Document your paper canvases and workshops on the fly directly with your mobile phone camera. Upload photos images either from your camera or the gallery to each segment. Furthermore we have updated the workspace navigation in the mobile version!

Password reset works on mobile

First update of the new year improves our mobile companion prototype: We just made password reset available on mobile, perfect, if you read your email on mobile and want to check your canvases on the go!

Introducing the mobile companion

Last update of the year: open Canvanizer 2.0 on your smartphone and review your canvases segment by segment while you are on the go. Editing is only supported using the desktop as before, but now you can open your canvases in a working mobile view for the first time. This is the still in beta and we will add more use cases based on your feedback! Have a great start into 2020!

Collaboration Update

We now always display the last editing users of a canvas in the top right corner, so you always know who made the last changes. Demo: Users trying out the demo now have the choice to test the canvas templates with empty canvases faster or to play with the demo notes!

Team Canvas released

A new template for you: The Team canvas by Alex Ivanov & Mitya Voloshchuk of!

Several improvements

We have increased the information density with small design updates so you can view more at a glance. The history view now has variable playback speed. And even four totally new canvas templates: Personal Business Model Canvas, Personal Service Model Canvas, Team Service Model Canvas from and and the Meeting Facilitator Canvas from!

Four new templates

We have added the Internal Communication Canvas and the Platform Design Canvas as well as a basic 2 segments canvas and a 5 columns canvas to structure your notes.

Easier canvas creation for free Users & filtering notes shortcut

We have made creating canvases easier for our free users. Previously they still had to use the old interface with captcha, entering their email etc. and now they too can create canvases directly from the login dashboard! For our 2.0 users: If you want to filter notes by shortcut f i you can now also toggle colours by pressing f 1 till f 5. Press ? to see all the pro user shortcuts :.)

New template: The Pros & Cons Canvas

Another generic canvas: discuss a topic weighing the Pros and Cons in two columns!

Two new canvas templates

We have added two generic new canvas templates: The Top 3 Priorities Canvas and a simple 3×3 Matrix for general use to sort topics!

Collaboration: Show who made the change

With the new keyboard shortcut d u for ‘display user’ you can now display who edited the note last, so you’ll always know who to talk to about the note! Curious for more? Simply press ? to view all the keyboard shortcuts!

New canvas selection reimagined

Choosing the next canvas template is now easier than ever: Thumbnails are displayed bigger. Choosing a canvas name is now optional, as it can be just as easily changed afterwards. The info about each template is displayed without scrolling. If you want to try out a template, just double click on it to save even more clicks that were previously between you and the new canvas!

Design update: A new sidebar

The sidebar in the canvas view has a whole new look and feel with lots of improvements. Check out our blog for more background info!

New feature: Canvas sidenotes

We have added a new optional text field at the bottom of each canvas for your sidenotes. Often when working on a canvas collaboratively there should be a place to provide context that does not belong in either the canvas itself or the brainstorming section. Just hover over the empty space below a canvas in case you need it, otherwise there’s no distraction!

Introducing Apple Pay and more

We are now accepting direct credit card payment as well as Apple Pay as alternatives to Paypal so you have the payment option of your choice available when you want to upgrade to Canvanizer 2.0 premium!

Improved 1.0 User Login

We have improved the 1.0 user login aka the free dashboard account so it fully replaces the ‘All your canvases page’ in the 1.0. Also we have added a preview of how your canvases look in the 2.0 for all our 1.0 users. To all the 1.0 users: Enjoy and maybe upgrade :.) To all of our 2.0 users: Watch out for the next new feature that we are currently building :.)

Better zoom handling

We have just improved the zoom handling of canvases if you are using the browser zoom. Also we thought it is probably clever to remember your chosen font size so we now do this. And some technical improvements below the surface also.

Canvas visibility default changed

All new canvases will now by default be accessible by team members only, no share links will be created automatically. You can of course turn the links on if you wish, or toggle them so the old ones become invalid and you can send out different new ones. Default is now private canvases with sharing being the decision.

Choose different fonts for your canvas

From today Standard users can now choose different fonts for each canvas. Use Permanent Marker for short big notes, the typewriter font for a prototype look and feel or simply switch to Condensed for a higher information density! And last but not least: two different styles of handwriting of course! Enjoy!

Large canvases are now loading up to 100% faster

A huge and much needed improvement to the Canvanizer 2.0 core engine. All of your canvases are now loading much faster. Switching between multiple canvases is finally enjoyable. We are continually updating all areas of Canvanizer and this one is as great an update as the last one (adding your images to your canvases is also a game changer) in our opinion. Check it out and experience it yourselves!

Major update: Image Upload

You can now upload your own images directly to use them on notes in canvases. E.g. use images to upload any key visual, sketch note, foto or logo to support the meaning of the note (available from the Standard plan on). We are pretty excited about opening up a lot of new possibilites while keeping the simplicity of our user interface. Hope you like it! What do you think?

New features: edit canvas segment labels

Would you like to modify one of our existing templates? Now our Standard plan users can change the labels of each canvas template to customize, translate or replace a segment heading with an individual label for your exact use case. Also they can now edit the color legend to make the chosen color coding more easily understandable for everyone. Furthermore your chosen language is now stored:)

More performance for you

We have just rolled out a major infrastructure update with completely new servers that should bring more snappiness throughout everything:)

Canvas Thumbnails & PNG Export are back

We have finally released the reworked version of the PNG export function. This also now shows canvas thumbnails in the workspace view and in the peek views. Enjoy:)

Digital Marketing Canvas, new translations and small improvements

We have added a new template for your pleasure: The Digital Marketing Canvas, please try it out. Also our tutorials for the business model canvas and the lean canvas are now available in many languages (though they might need some love, if you are a native speaker, we would love to hear from you! Lastly you can now rename workspaces by clicking on the name and similar small but nice improvements have been released!

Improved login for Canvanizer 1.0 Users

We have just improved the basic login for 1.0 Users who did not yet upgrade: while they don’t miss out on all the cool 2.0 stuff they can still use the login to navigate their canvases more easily then by links only.

Our Christmas Release: Major Performance Update

We are proud to present the biggest release ever, as a christmas present to our users: Over the last two months we have reworked major parts of canvanizer (500 commits, 270 vastly changed code files) to bring you the snappiest performance throughout the entire canvanizer, which makes working with multiple canvases and switching back and forth finally an enjoyable experience. We wish you an relaxing end of 2018 and a fresh start into a successful 2019!

Major translation update

We now feature six new languages (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Polish for the Basic Kanban Canvas, the Feedback Canvas, the Lean Change Canvas, the Pitch Planner Canvas, the Project Canvas and the SWO Canvas. If we can improve the translation or you are missing one, please get in touch with us!

New canvas template: Social Lean Canvas

Another new canvas template for Social Enterprises: The Social Lean Canvas. Based on the Lean Canvas it adds Purpose and Impact which are important for Social Ventures.

New canvas template: lernOS Canvas

We have released a new canvas template: The core of lernOS is based on principles from Personal Knowledge Management, Getting Things Done, Objective Key Results, Working Out Loud, and Scrum. If you practice one of these methods separately you can use the lernOS Canvas for visual documentation, storytelling, and to expand your approach over time.

Turkish Translations:

A big thank you to Özgün Özalay of the brain research group SoCAT at Edge University Izmir, Turkey due to whom we could now add turkish translations for the Business Model Canvas and the Lean Canvas for our turkish users. If you would like us to add your language to a template you use, please get in touch with us:)

Design Update: Notifications

We have just released a major design update to the look & feel of all the notifications, alerts, success messages and input hints etc. They look much cleaner with a consistent design language. Hope you like them:)

Lots of finetuning

During the last couple of days we released several updates with finetuning: e.g. a big performance update for the workspaces, they should feel much snappier now. The same applies to the history view, this is also snappier when you skip between past and current revisions. We reduced the size of the topbar to make more room for your canvas. Last but not least, we squashed some bugs in the clipboard and some small ux issues.

Translation Update

The Business Model Canvas and the Lean Canvas are now available in Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Polish.

Major Collaboration / Links Update

You can now switch each canvas accessibility to workspace members only: Just switch off all editable / readonly links for the canvas in the share settings. As toggling will generate a new link each time you can now also revoke access to canvases that you previously shared by its links.

History View improved

Now highlighting the differences between each iteration for a clearer understanding of what changed! Check it out in the left sidebar

Which canvas template should we add?

Which canvas templates are we missing? Please get in touch with us :)

New Progress View & new user profile

A redesigned progress view page and a new user profile layout!

Design Updates

We have just released numerous design updates…please login to the 2.0 and see if you can spot them :)

Editing notes in short mode

When working in short mode (left sidebar) you can still edit notes. This comes handy, when working with big canvases and you focus on the headlines…

Editing notes in short mode

Now you can rename canvases directly from the workspace canvas detail view

Loading workspaces is now faster

Working with big workspaces? The initial loading should now be snappier!