Create a new 12 Months Canvas

This is a basic big picture canvas template that allows for monthly strategic planning for a full year. You have two rows, one row per half a year. It is intended e.g. to highlight milestones to be archived each month and can act as an overview canvas for a timeline or a roadmap covering up to a year. It works together well with the 4 quarter canvas and more finegrained kanban and project canvases. Play with colour to change the statuses of milestones while revisiting during the year.


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The next level

You love working with canvases? How about bringing innovation and collaboration to the next level with great canvases and a great app.

Canvanizer Free

  • Basic Canvas templates
  • Anyone with the link can access
  • Can't change segment titles
  • PDF & PNG export
  • No images / standard font
  • Desktop only
  • Single canvases only
  • No team features
  • English only
  • The "old" look&feel

Canvanizer Premium

  • Over 40 popular canvas templates
  • Private canvases / Revocable links
  • Customize segment titles
  • PDF & PNG export
  • Upload images / choose fonts
  • Mobile editing & camera use
  • Project workspaces
  • Team progress & collaboration
  • Languages: EN,ES,FR,IT,NL,PL...
  • View modes, filters, sidenotes...

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