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The contract canvas template is a tool to specify legal contracts at a glance at a stage prior to legal counsel. E.g. during a meeting with two parties involved in a contract you can put the steps of agreement in the contract canvas and use it to communicate e.g. to team members not involved in the actual meeting.

If the contract canvas is finished and both parties agree that the contract yet to be legally created has all the right "building blocks" it will typically sent to the legal team, e.g. a lawyer to flesh out the clauses in the sticky notes and the full legal text will be created.

If you want to try it out without entering your email address, please use our public Contract Canvas Demo for a first impression.

It was developed by Stefan Peter Roos & Alexander Talmon of Proud Sourcing GmbH and is licensed under a CC-BY 4.0 license.



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The next level

You love working with canvases? How about bringing innovation and collaboration to the next level with great canvases and a great app.

Canvanizer Classic

  • Basic Canvas templates
  • Anyone with the link can access
  • Can't change segment titles
  • PDF & PNG export
  • No images / standard font
  • Desktop only
  • Single canvases only
  • No team features
  • English only
  • The "old" look&feel

Canvanizer 2.0

  • Over 40 popular canvas templates
  • Private canvases / Revocable links
  • Customize segment titles
  • PDF & PNG export
  • Upload images / choose fonts
  • Mobile editing & camera use
  • Project workspaces
  • Team progress & collaboration
  • Languages: EN,ES,FR,IT,NL,PL...
  • View modes, filters, sidenotes...