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The DMC is a practical guide to develop a strategy to accelerate business growth. It's made for anyone in the company to get around the table. Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers, Sales,... It's a tool of co-creation. Brainstorming as a starting point, the digital strategy is the finish line. As you go to through the process you'll learn how marketing fundamentals and online customer lifecycle work together. The DMC provides companies a structured approach to articulate their value proposition with marketing tactics and digital technologies.


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More about the Digital Marketing Canvas

Value Propositions: Promise of value to be delivered (benefits and unique differentiation)
Mission: The company’s purpose and reason for being
Vision: The company’s long-term, aspirational business goals
Brand: Complete expression of the company that is being communicated creating an experience in the public, both rational and emotional
Target Audience: The customers (existing + ideal) the company serves
Market: The company’s market position relative to competition
Acquisition: Getting visitors from scalable channels
Activation: A measurable first happy experience to get to ‘aha moment’
Referral: Users referring the product to their peers
Revenue: Monetizing users behavior
Retention: Getting users to come back to AARRR sections (as much as possible)

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