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The Change Canvas (by ) facilitates planning a change program in a fast, collaborative, and deliberately imprecise way. The constraints of the size of the sections in the canvas encourages change agents to distill the plan into a form that is easy to communicate, and more important easy to change and easy to throw away.

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More about the Lean Change Canvas

Change agents collaborate to develop an overarching Change Canvas filling up each section as follows:

1. Urgency - List the top three drivers for change, identifying those most impacted by the change, as well as key decision makers.

2. Change Recipients - note those impacted by change, segmenting by role, level, and team as appropriate. Take a stab at identifying potential change champions, along with their current capability to realize change, and tactics potential champions are using now to mitigate relevant problems.

3. Vision - write down the vision that you believe will resonate with your organization, note key behaviors required to realize his vision. Create a "high concept pitch" that is easily repeatable.

4. Target State - determine a strategic enabler, descriptive metaphor, framework, and any other type of foundational component required to realize your vision. Align each element listed within your target state to one of the top three drivers listed in the urgency section.

5. Action - change tactics guiding teams will use to rollout the change, pay special attention to how your guiding teams will participate in rolling out your first minimum viable change.

6. Required Investments - list known hard constraints in terms of time, budget and people time. Write down known barriers to change.

7. Benefits - List the expected benefits, both qantitative and qualitative.

8. Success Criteria - put down The key indicators you will use to tell you the same have successfully stuck.

9. Communication - mark down how you plan to communicate change. Note both high touch and push-based methods of communication necessary to collaborate with your guiding teams, and also taken note of other communication channels you plan to use as the change skills across the organization.


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