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The international bestseller Business Model You describes a powerful four-stage method for drawing “personal business models” that show fresh ways individuals can adapt to changing marketplace needs — or create new, more satisfying work possibilities. The Personal Business Model Canvas from that book by is derived from Business Model Canvas ( The personal business model canvas itself is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


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More about the Personal Business Model Canvas

Personal business model canvas, fondly called “Business Model You” is a personal tool for professional development. It helps people define their own personal business model, picturing the business as a person.

It helps users to discover and visually summarize their networks, skills, activities, resources, and value propositions on a one-page canvas. The major advantage of this tool, and of the overall “Business Model You” concept, is that it encourages people to develop a strategy to reinvent their career. While people typically write a descriptive resume, the canvas helps you understand how other people perceive your value.

This column helps to identify the “Key Partners” that support you as a professional or help you do your job successfully. They may be individuals who support you with either resources, motivation, advice or opportunities. These individuals could be your colleagues or mentors at work, people in your professional network, family or friends.

This column should contain the tasks you perform regularly at work. Note down only the key activities you regularly perform for your customers/partners/stakeholders, and you don’t necessarily need to describe the value you get out of them yet. Instead of a long list of activities, reduce the list to one that notes down the truly important activities on the canvas. Keep it in mind that what you do changes with time and is also dependent on who you are.

This column helps you define how you help people in getting their job done and what value you get out of them. When you brainstorm about your career, this is the key column of the canvas. What is the job you are hired to do and what benefits are gained by the customers? To aid your brainstorming exercise, you can also think about your “Key Activities” and how these ones result in Value offered to your Customers.

Roles/relationships are the relationships that you have with your clients and the role you play in their businesses. It is also the way you communicate with customers. These are the things you do in responding to your client’s challenges. It is a strategy to manage your relationship and interaction with customers and potential customers.

This column helps you think of who you help. These are your customers or groups of customers. This can consist of the people within your organization who depend on your assistance to get jobs done. This can also include your superior, but really also anyone depending on benefitting from your business. You may also consider including customers or companies who patronize your organization for products and services.

The column includes who you are, what interests you, what you can do (your abilities and skills), your personality, and what you have (knowledge, experience, personal and professional networks, and other big or little resources or assets).

This column should contain some key information related to the main marketing phases, awareness, evaluation, purchase, delivery, and after-sales. Some things to be noted are: how your potential customers find out about you, how you help customers appraise your value, how new customers hire you or buy your services, how you deliver value to customers, and how you continue to support customers and ensure they are satisfied.

This column is used to define cost, these are what you give and use your resources for, resources like your work, time, energy, and money. Note down all costs associated with your work.

This column is used majorly to note down your income from what you do, income sources like salary, contractor or professional fees, stock options, and other cash payments. You can also add other benefits you derive like insurance, retirement packages, tuition assistance, and other benefits.

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