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Advertisement/Public Relations ?    Insert

  1. How is the service proposition communicated by the service provider?
Vogue Advertisement Edit  [x]

Value proposition is based upon self-esteem.

Social Media ?    Insert

  1. Which pre-service information can people access through social media?
Word-of-mouth ?    Insert

  1. What do friends, colleagues and family actually communicate about the service and/or service provider?
Yelp Edit  [x]

Discuss positive/negative

Past Experiences ?    Insert

  1. Which experiences do people have with (similar) services and/or service providers?
Customer testimony on Facebook Edit  [x]
Service Journey ?    Insert

  1. Which touchpoints do customers experiences during the service journey?
HELLO! Edit  [x]
hello somebody! Edit  [x]
Press about movie stars and Sephora Edit  [x]

Show famous people shopping at Sephora, sense of community

dvcwd Edit  [x]


Test Edit  [x]
Customer Relationship Management ?    Insert

  1. How do the service provider follow-up with customers?
Facebook Edit  [x]


Social Media ?    Insert

  1. What do customers communicate about the service and/or service provider through social media?
Word-of-mouth ?    Insert

  1. What do customer tell their friends, colleagues and family about the service and/or service provider?
Expectations ?    Insert

  1. What are (potential) expectations towards the service and/or service provider?
NOTA1 Edit  [x]
Experiences ?    Insert

  1. What are the individual experiences customers have with the service and/or service provider during the service period?
cdcsc Edit  [x]


Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction ?    Insert

  1. Customers individual assess the service by comparing service expectations with their personal service experiences
Brainstorming Space ?    Insert Brainstorm Mode

  1. What are you temporary Brainstorming notes?
Edit  [x]
hello, i am a new gym location & booking platform based in the UK and our current competitors are, Classpass(USA) Payasugym(UK) MoveGB(UK) & Gympass(Brazil) Edit  [x]
we need to get both gyms and fitness clubs on board the platform and also gym users on board too. Ideally we would like to target the UK student population as they are the ones with the least amount of disposable income to spend on fitness and expensive monthly gym memberships. Edit  [x]
currently there are 3 business models these are; 1. Traditional- user enrols with a gym of fitness club and pays a month subscription. 2. We now have what we call aggregators such as our competitors above. These aggregators are charging gym users a monthly subscription to gain access to all the gyms and fitness centres that they have on the platforms who they they pre-negotiated day rate gym useage fees with and then have negotiated how much of that day rate is then offered back to the gyms as their commission usually somewhere between 50-70%. OR 3. Our model which is similar to the competitors however although we may also be reffered to as an aggregator we DO NOT charge our users a fee and also giving our users FREE access to all clubs that are and will be listed on our platform in the months ahead hopefully. like the competitors we will also let each club create their own detailed club profile page which they can manage and update as and when they like. Our USP will be that we will Edit  [x]
initially we need to make cold hard calls to get appointments email addresses which will then be followed up by a introductory sales email and another call back within 2 days of them receiving the sales email to set up a meeting or a presentation etc for me to demonstrate our value proposition as above. Edit  [x]
Currently their are over 6700 gyms and fitness clubs here in the uk. all of whom need to be converted on to the twidol platform. Their are over 10 million gym members with almost 7000 gyms with a market cap of around £5billion as of 2017. We need to capture a small percent of this to get our platform of the ground in the hope to make it the go-to location and booking platform in the years ahead. Edit  [x]
please can you hel brainstorm how our canvas should look. Edit  [x]

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