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Advertisement/Public Relations ?    Insert

  1. How is the service proposition communicated by the service provider?
HI Edit  [x]
ok Edit  [x]
login page and welcome note Edit  [x]

important information:

- what is this thing?

- how do I navigate through the wechat/website page (short walk-through video as a guide?)

Social Media ?    Insert

  1. Which pre-service information can people access through social media?
What we promote Edit  [x]

fanpage, newsfeeds

What people can share Edit  [x]
Word-of-mouth ?    Insert

  1. What do friends, colleagues and family actually communicate about the service and/or service provider?
PREDICT: What will people say about this org Edit  [x]

key words, clear mission statement, first impressions

Past Experiences ?    Insert

  1. Which experiences do people have with (similar) services and/or service providers?
Case study: similar service Edit  [x]

what do they offer and how is the service bad or good?

People's opinion Edit  [x]

what are the things ppl wish to be different? what are some expectations ppl want this kind of org to offer

Service Journey ?    Insert

  1. Which touchpoints do customers experiences during the service journey?
Survey Edit  [x]
first steps Edit  [x]

website: create your own profile, explore the website
wechat: explore公眾號

register and verify account Edit  [x]
Building up Membership Edit  [x]

website: wechat: add 小天使 , join group chats, change account name in group chat

Participate Edit  [x]

Search for events


Sign up for events through

- RSVP on webite
- the responsible person in group chat

Bottom up

- apply to hold an event
- apply to be our collegues
- provide important networking connections

During event Edit  [x]

- post things on social media

- network with other people

Customer Relationship Management ?    Insert

  1. How do the service provider follow-up with customers?
Alumni Edit  [x]

networking events
come back as speakers
potential sponsors

Access to wechat and website Edit  [x]
Social Media ?    Insert

  1. What do customers communicate about the service and/or service provider through social media?
short term Edit  [x]

tbt event posts
short video/documentary

long term Edit  [x]

linkedIn positions/connections

Word-of-mouth ?    Insert

  1. What do customer tell their friends, colleagues and family about the service and/or service provider?
Expectations ?    Insert

  1. What are (potential) expectations towards the service and/or service provider?
Convenient, a place people are willing to spend time to stay and explore, interesting content posted in a regular schedule Edit  [x]
Experiences ?    Insert

  1. What are the individual experiences customers have with the service and/or service provider during the service period?
catch up with latest events and other important messages Edit  [x]
connect with other students Edit  [x]
Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction ?    Insert

  1. Customers individual assess the service by comparing service expectations with their personal service experiences
Edit  [x]
Brainstorming Space ?    Insert Brainstorm Mode

  1. What are you temporary Brainstorming notes?
news Edit  [x]

local newspapers
online media
buy ads

website format Edit  [x]

- home page

- about page

- members page (us, the speakers)

- event page

- contact page

- resources page

- other links page

- include sponsors logo at the bottom of the page

wechat format Edit  [x]

- welcoming message (short introductions, key words to type in to get more info)

- automatic responses base on input

- basic menu

- link to website

RSVP for events Edit  [x]

- invitations

- notifications

- through website, wechat direct to website page

From participants to organization Edit  [x]

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