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Disruption by Design Canvas Demo

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Job To Be Done ?    Insert

  1. Describe the key job your target customer needs to get done and how your solution accomplishes it.
Disrupt the car industry Edit  [x]
Unfair Advantage ?    Insert

  1. Cannot be easily bought or copied, including
    - patents, copyrights, trade secrets
    - market share
    - exclusive relationships
    - unique process
The combination of Barnardos heritage, experience and charitable status Edit  [x]
Unique Value Proposition ?    Insert

  1. For (target customer) who needs (JTBD), (Product) delivers (value of improvements) relative to (3 most important outcomes) when compared with (alternatives) for (affordable cost).
Propuesta de Valor Edit  [x]

Un servicio exclusivo de empleadas domésticas con horarios flexibles donde encuentre el cuidado, seguridad, confianza y limpieza de su hogar.hhhhhh

Addressable Market Scarcity ?    Insert

  1. Describe in simple terms the nature of the market shortage (scarcity) that your innovation addresses and the evidence of it's existence.
Shortage of genuine HIGH QUALITY Early Learning Services huhu oh Edit  [x]
Educators Edit  [x]
Professional Services Edit  [x]
Customer Segment ?    Insert

  1. Target customer profile, especially micro-segments by importance of desired results.
Parents Edit  [x]
Suppliers Edit  [x]
Staff Edit  [x]
58 Edit  [x]
3 Most Important Outcomes ?    Insert

  1. List the three most important outcomes (desired results) prioritized by value + uniqueness of your product in delivering those results.
Key Metrics ?    Insert

  1. Easily tracked numbers indicating progress success or risk factors on key goals.
Key Edit  [x]

Marketing free
Advertising free
conduct research regarding this generation of market car buyers

Channels ?    Insert

  1. How customers can acquire products / services.
Página web Edit  [x]
Home-based services Edit  [x]
Redes Sociales Edit  [x]
Plan de Referidos Edit  [x]
Cost Structure ?    Insert

  1. List of fixed + variable costs
Costo de Investigación Edit  [x]
Logística (Servidor, Dominio de Hosting) Edit  [x]
Desarrollo de Plataforma Edit  [x]
Publicidad Edit  [x]
Mantenimiento de la Plataforma Edit  [x]
Seguros Edit  [x]
Gastos de Organización Edit  [x]
Sueldo y beneficios del personal Edit  [x]
Revenue Streams ?    Insert

  1. How money is earned -- list all resources
Suscripción Edit  [x]

?    Insert Brainstorm Mode

  1. What are your temporary Brainstorming notes?
What else do we have? Edit  [x]

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