Disruption by Design Canvas

Discover the Disruption by Design Canvas in Paul Paetz's book: Disruption by Design

The Disruption by Design Canvas captures a business model focused on what makes a disruptive innovator unique, while recognizing that most of the time disruptors are also startups with a different set of risk factors and milestones to success than established companies. Consequently, some of the standard business model canvas building blocks are irrelevant or very low priority to a disruptive startup. These include Key Partnerships (usually a startup doesn't have partnerships, so rather than waste real estate, add any partnerships to Channels); Key Activities (there are only two key activities for a disruptive startup—building a product, and getting customers); Key Resources (resources are important, but also obvious and not a key risk factor in getting a solution to market); and Customer Relationships (there are no customer relationships to manage).

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