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Strategy ?    Insert

  1. What are our core competencies?
  2. Which DNA is the basis of all our actions?
  3. Are values and goals such as innovation and openness anchored in our strategy?
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- Promover capacitaciones online.
- Brindar capacitaciones y entrenamientos a empleados dentro de la empresa.

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Ofrecer diferentes cursos mediante una plataforma open source:
- Ofimáticas
- Planeación estratégica
- Relaciones interpersonales
- Redacción de documentos
- Gestión por resultados
- Etc.

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- Asistencia con Tutor en Linea.
- Material en PDF para descargar.
- Asignación de tareas
- Recursos de vídeos online

Market ?    Insert

  1. How well do we know our markets and their environment (competitors, legal and socio-cultural framework conditions)?
  2. Which target groups do we address in our markets?
  3. Are there new markets where our know-how would be interesting in?
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Empleados INSEP
- Personal Grado intermedio

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Empleados INSEP
- Empleados de áreas administrativas y contables

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Empleados INSEP
- Empleados nivel Universitario (Especialidades)

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Empleados INSEP
- Personal aseo, conserjes, mantenimiento, vigilancia, etc.

1. Strategy
Process ?    Insert

  1. How do the processes for product development, idea management and business model development look like?
  2. Do the processes connect our people, our knowledge and our networks with respect to our culture and strategy?
  3. How does our innovation controlling look like?
  4. When and how are external partners (customers, supppliers, research facilities, competitors) and their knowledge included in the product development process?
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1. Analizar posibilidad de plataforma LMS
2. Compra de Servidor
3. Configuración de Servidor Local
4. Preparación de Cursos
5. Programar calendario de actividades

Culture ?    Insert

  1. Is there a common appreciation of values, behavior, norms and attitudes?
  2. Which possibilities do we offer our employees to work creatively, across departments and with self-initiative?
  3. How important are technology orientation, market orientation, entrepreneurial orientation (Intrapreneurship) and orientation towards learning in our organization?
  4. Is our culture mirrored in our processes?
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Motivación de cultura de rechazo al cambio

Network ?    Insert

  1. Which partners do we have in our network and which roles do they fulfill?
  2. Which partners could support our network reasonably?
  3. Which processes for scouting and partner treatment do we foster?
  4. What is the structure of our network? (width / depth, formal / informal)
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- Soporte técnico a través de departamento de infotecnologia
- Contratación de personal de cursos
- Posibilidades de empleados que puedan impartir cursos
- Contratacion personal para desarrollo de contenido de los cursos
- Estudiantes

Product ?    Insert

  1. Where are my products on the Technology S Curve?
  2. Which roles do technology push and market pull play for our products?
  3. Which technologies, IP and knowledge do we use for our products? Where do we get them from?
  4. Which value do our products deliver (value proposition) and which needs do we fulfill with them?
  5. Do the values of our products complement each other?
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Personal capacitado en diferentes áreas en relación a las actividades que se desarrollan en la INSEP, utilizando una plataforma online a través de una intranet, preparando cursos asistidos por tutores especializados en los temas con experiencia en enseñanza virtual, mediante un plan diseñado por talento humano y dirigido a cubrir la mayoría de personal posible.

1. Market
People ?    Insert

  1. Which organizational roles and responsibilities are assigned?
  2. Are there persons in the company which represent defined points of intersection with our network?
  3. Which roles do people have that operate outside our network?
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- Personal Infotecnología
- Personal de Talento Humano

Technology ?    Insert

  1. Are there internal structures and processes for the handling of technology and IP (especially when coming from external sources)?
  2. How do we use technology and IP? (especially Inside-­-Out approach)
  3. Who brings new technologies and IP in our organization?
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- Base de datos
- Plataforma
- Intranet
- Chat online

Trends ?    Insert

  1. How do we gather trends from our environment?
  2. Do we observe and assess trends systematically?
  3. How do we utilize these trends regarding to our strategy, technology and IP, processes, networks and products?
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Capacitaciones online

1. Strategy
1. Market

Brainstorming Space ?    Insert Brainstorm Mode

  1. What are your temporary Brainstorming notes?
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