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Problem ?    Insert

  1. Top 3 Problems you face
Equipment costs Edit  [x]

Who's got an extra $90,000 to purchase equipment or $1500/month for a loan

Education/Training Cost Edit  [x]
Why no business incubators here? Edit  [x]
Startup Costs Edit  [x]
Startups have too many Barriers to Entry Edit  [x]
Low Cost Education/Training Edit  [x]

Taught by other experienced members. Andragogy- adults learn from adults.

incomes Edit  [x]

Create side hustles incomes have not increased enough to cover the cost of living since 1975. In fact, the real median household income in the United States has decreased by about 2% since 1975, after adjusting for inflation.

Solution ?    Insert

  1. Top 3 Solutions to your Problems
Provide "Access to Tools" Edit  [x]
Democratize the means of production- share. the Means of Production Edit  [x]
Unique Value Proposition ?    Insert

  1. Single, clear, compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying
Making Locally made Products Edit  [x]
We startup Startups- differently Edit  [x]
Unfair Advantage ?    Insert

  1. Can't be easily copied or bought
Members only pay 3% of what others do Edit  [x]

$900/year vs $36000 for space, Utilities and Access to tools, or the shared use of the means of production.

Social Media Edit  [x]


Social Entrepreneurship Edit  [x]

Doing something different that is not already being done- at least around here,

Customer Segments ?    Insert

  1. Target customers
Freelancers 40% Millennial's Edit  [x]
Entreprenuers Edit  [x]

Prototyper's, inventors

Side Hustlers Edit  [x]

1 in 2 Millennial's

50% of people over 55 that have retired Edit  [x]

70 million baby boomers with disposable income and EMPATHY for younger generations.

Key Metrics ?    Insert

  1. Activity that drives retention/revenue
Members Make Money Edit  [x]
Members feel good Edit  [x]
Channels ?    Insert

  1. Path to customers
Members Save Money Edit  [x]
ECommerce Edit  [x]
We Share Edit  [x]

Time, money, experience, skills or talent to help our neighbors get started.

Cost Structure ?    Insert

  1. Customer acquisition costs, distribution costs, hosting...
Hosting $3000 Edit  [x]

Rent Utilities Insurance expenses

Space Rental Edit  [x]

Owner won't approve without 3 years tax returns to show the owner they can pay the rent.

Revenue Stream ?    Insert

  1. Revenue model, Life time value revenue...
Membership fees Edit  [x]


Word of Mouth Edit  [x]

Friends tell friends

Brainstorming Space ?    Insert Brainstorm Mode

  1. What are your temporary brainstorming notes?
Sales of products and Services Edit  [x]

Local and ecommerce
3d printed products and services
laser cut products and services
cnc router products and services.
cnc milling Machine products and services
Roland Print shop products and services.

Memberships Edit  [x]

$75/month x40=$3000


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