How to get started

  • Let’s just say it is super easy.
  • Select the Canvas you want to work with, enter the title, your Email address, the code and you’re ready to go.
  • Besides the link within you can always return to your Canvases on the website, two links will be send to your Mail address: a editable link and a read only link.
    • These links are for sharing with others.
    • With the editable link your teammates can work on the chosen Canvas, changes will be synchronized automatically.
    • If you don’t want anybody to change things around in the Canvas but want to show your work, send the read only link.
  • You can always change the title of your Canvas in “Canvas Settings” top right corner.
  • Want to see the last steps of your work progress? Go to “Canvas History” and see what you have accomplished.
  • If you want to share your Canvas with the world go to “Share Canvas”.


Stefan Peter Roos

Stefan founded canvanizer in 2011. He specializes in Business Development Consulting and Startup Growthhacking. He also started Proud Music and Proud Sourcing
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