Features Canvanizer 1.0

  • Completely free to use
  • Unlimited canvases
  • Forgot your links? No problem. On the very bottom of the page you will find a grey bar. Click on “Forgot Links”, enter your Email address and the code, you will get new ones right away.
  • You can copy your Canvas in order to see the same Canvas if you want to do little changes to see different outcomes in your strategy – “Copy Canvas” in the same grey bar.
  • If you want to share your Canvas with the world go to “Share Canvas”. There you can Twitter it, share it via Mail address to anybody you want or, how cool is that, embed the Canvas on your website with optional interaction of your audience.
  • Want to see the last steps of your work progress? Go to “Canvas History” and see what you have accomplished.
  • If you have an idea but don’t know in which section of the Canvas to put it yet, use the “Brainstorm Mode”. Notes can be structured after an initial fast brainstorming with your team members.
  • You can always change the title of your Canvas in “Canvas Settings” you can also change the Mail address there.
  • If you want to import or export the Canvas, there are various options by clicking on “Import/Export”:
    • Import Canvas notes via CSV file
    • Import Canvas to text format for printing
    • Export Canvas to CSV file for importing into other application
    • Convert and export Canvas to Reveal.js Slideshow package
  • And then there is another treat for you: with just one click you can open a slideshow which allows you to present your Canvas, for example, in a business meeting.

Features Canvanizer 2.0

  • All of Canvanizer 1.0
  • Completely new user interface for increased productivity
  • Full login, the 2.0 does not rely on links any more
  • PDF export (ready) & high-res png export (coming soon)
  • Many new templates that are not available in the 1.0
  • Project workspaces to collect all your canvases
  • Team invitations, invite your team and brainstorm better concepts (one premium account sponsors the team)
  • Team progress & collaboration
  • View modes & filters
  • Full screen mode, adjustable zoom settings, short mode
  • Lots of power user shortcuts
  • Currently no subscription running, you’ll get instant access with a one time payment only
  • Learn all about it at https://canvanizer.com/thenextlevel
  • Try out the demo at https://next.canvanizer.com
Working with a canvas
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