Slideshow Tutorial

  • To get a different view of your Canvas you can create a slideshow with just one click at “Slideshow”.
  • This allows you to present your Canvas in a presentation mode for your work mates. Just tap through to see the different notes and even get a different view at your work and even see what can be made differently.
  • By pressing on Esc you get an overview of the slideshow. Each one of the sections appear on one page, this allows you a quick change to a specific note. If you want to change a note just go back to your Canvas, change the note and refresh the slideshow
  • You can even use the slideshow if you have no access to an internet connection. Go to “Import/Export” and choose “Slideshow Download”. Open the Index.html in the Zip file and you are ready to go.

Stefan Peter Roos

Stefan founded canvanizer in 2011. He specializes in Business Development Consulting and Startup Growthhacking. He also started Proud Music and Proud Sourcing
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