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The Business Model Zen Canvas was proposed by Cho, Yongho based on his book published on June 2013 in Korea: Business Model Zen

Business Model Zen is business modeling methodology that builds upon the disciplines of customer orientation, strategic thinking and loop learning by execution. It is consolidation of the various researches on business models, since 2009, into the form of essential methodologies and toolkits. Business Model Zen provides a single logical frame where a business is systematically modeled and proactively managed, from idea to design and execution.

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More about the Business Model Zen Canvas

If you want to read more about Business Model Zen and the methodology you might want to check out the following links:

All the BM Tools
Business Model Zen provides powerful toolkits that help model a successful business:
  • Business Model Cube
  • Business Model Zen Canvas
  • Business Model Zen Diagnostics
  • Business Model Zen Pattern (=4by4 Business Model Patterns)
  • Business Model Map
  • SOFT Ideation 
Business Model Zen has an open architecture that provides easy links to integrate other well known methodologies:
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • User Centered Service Design
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Customer Developement
  • Lean Startup



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