Privacy Update: Turn off or recreate canvas share links

We have improved the permission system in the 2.0 in regards of the access to each canvas through the share links. Remember, each canvas has two share links, one link that allows editing and another that allows read-only access only.

If you are currently not using the share links any more you can now simply switch them off individually in the canvas settings:


To do this: Please login into the 2.0 at, go to the canvas in the workspace view and then simply toggle your canvas share links off – meaning only invited team members in the workspace can still access the canvas.

This way you can also now revoke access through previously shared links with temporary team members, as toggling will generate a new share link each time. This system works totally independent from the workspace memberships. So invite your permanent team into the workspaces and they have immediate access to all the canvases you create within and share links with temporary collaborators e.g. for feedback.

Hope you like the added privacy layer in the 2.0 :)

New canvas template: Social Lean Canvas
New canvas template: lernOS Canvas
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