A short Step by Step Tutorial through the business model canvas at canvanizer 2.0 https://next.canvanizer.com/demo/wA-82vhUOBc…

Wow: 500.000 canvases created by you on https://canvanizer.com – what a milestone

Canvanizer2012It’s been quite a while since we started out with Canvanizer. 2011 was quite a year for us. At the time the “Canvas” movement was still in its infancy and the Business Model Canvas slowly started to gain momentum (Thanks to Alex Osterwalder!). When we started out, Canvanizer still looked crude (check out the screenshot from 2012).
In all the work we did, we realized that after every workshop the iterations on a canvas stopped. There was no more way to work on the photograph of a canvas. We wanted to change that and started building Canvanizer as a collaborative online tool. At the time there were no others available. We already saw that there were many more great canvases in the works, so we decided to call the app Canvanizer and not the Business Modeler. In hindsight one of our best decisions ever.

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