One example of our continuous small steps fine-tuning: Your search results are now nicely grouped into workspaces and canvases. Have a nice weekend!

We have just released help screens inside canvanizer that show you advanced hints and hidden keyboard shortcuts within :-)

Say hi to the new “Progress Peek View”. All recently updated canvases across all your workspaces are now just one click away. Happy iterating together with your team at

About to plan 2017 ? Read more

This one is major..we’ve released quite an update on collaboration and workspaces in the 2.0: your team now shows up and you see who’s joined in! Unicorns and Robots for the win ;-)

We have just upgraded the history view amongst other finetunings in the 2.0: You can now link to individual revisions, great for discussing and comparing different states of your project: Try it here:

e.g. an early version

against the final state

Also you can create a copy from any point in time to go in a different direction.

Have fun canvanizing :)

We have just released a great new template for Product Creators: Romans’ Product Canvas by Roman Pichler on Canvanizer 2.0. Read more

Just released: A new canvas template in 2.0: The User Centered Design Canvas by Alina Prelicz-Zawadzka & Leszek Zawadzki of

Check it out here:

We have just upgraded the server infrastructure to make your idea spinning faster :D Check it out…also for the 2.0

A short Step by Step Tutorial through the business model canvas at canvanizer 2.0…