You can now switch each canvas accessibility to workspace members only: Just switch off
all editable / readonly links for the canvas in the share settings. As toggling will
generate a new link each time you can now also revoke access to canvases that you
previously shared by its links.

Now highlighting the differences between each iteration for a clearer understanding of
what changed! Check it out in the left sidebar

Which canvas templates are we missing? Please get in touch with us :)

A redesigned progress view page and a new user profile layout!

We have just released numerous design updates…please login to the 2.0 and see if you
can spot them :)

When working in short mode (left sidebar) you can still edit notes. This comes handy,
when working with big canvases and you focus on the headlines…

Now you can rename canvases directly from the workspace canvas detail view

Working with big workspaces? The initial loading should now be snappier!

It is not really a surprise: We love paper canvases. We use them all the time in our workshops. That’s what inspired us to create Canvanizer quite some time ago, out of the pure need to have a tool to allow online collaborative facilitation over a longer period of time. In our workshops it has benefits to work with big printouts of the canvas templates. Read more


As you might know, we focussed a lot on fine-tuning the actual canvas editing view. We removed unnecessary clicks here and there, streamlined the dialog windows and in general added a lot of flexibility such as zooming and filtering, helping you adjust the view perfectly on the amount of data in your canvas.

We are very happy to announce a completely new feature to Canvanizer 2.0. Today we are opening up a new set of possibilities. We are introducing the “clipboard sidebar” on the right side of the canvas view – to enable you to copy or move notes easily between canvases.

Read more